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The most beautiful Jiangnan, the soft water – Xitang – tourism Sohu Xu Tong River, endless rain, has been sitting in the pavilion in the coast. Suddenly feel, Jiangnan is in semi lattice – Hide half hidden girl. The sandalwood through the window, in front of the south, like a thick ink light color ink painting. The pebble on the table, a steaming cup of hot tea, mixed with rain, do not see clearly. Did the girl drink it? Si Junjun did not know, a curtain of resentment and cold. The pink ink drops tears splashed down in the picture, is the southern gentle. Cloud face, tears glistening in the Xitang River, This regret shall last for evermore., since the Tang Youcun, since the Song Dynasty Town, ancient fish, silk, and channel for rich downtown, we look at the well preserved Chen Zhai, Wang Zhai, Zhu Zhai private garden, the family can be inferred for long in Xitang, these Wei Yi Weiyi white will produce many stories, there is more or less educated girl requirements in the light shift before these stories, or leaning against the railing overlooking the look and how many will cross the apricot Shaotou, absorbed in the town car The stream never stops flowing. boats full of silently conveyed tenderness. Water in Xitang. The river where the wall will change posture, and bent the waist, as long as langpeng, a road five in ten in the care of shape, for the wind and rain. The same is true, the langpeng under the water near the house, how much will the amorous apricot cruising among them, to the Qingming rain, on the stone bridge, in the clothing shop, in the lintel side, cut a length of fragments of story to give birth. Xitang is flat, there are 9 rivers, rivers converge in the township, the distinction between the town divided into 8 sections, and many rivers and lakes again unify the bridge. Called "Kowloon hold pearl", "eight winds". To 1998, the town to build a bridge 104. Since the Song Dynasty, Xitang has built a bridge of Anren, habitat bridge, Wufu bridge, Yongning bridge 11 block. In the Qing Dynasty and built a bridge of Wolong, crossing the bridge Laifeng bridge, zen. Most of these bridges are single hole stone beam bridge. The bridge has exquisite workmanship, complete protection, ornamental value, since ancient times known as the "Wolong Ling Bo, rainbow". The walls of Xitang, is the common nature of Jiangnan holding wall and black tiles, the level of scattered, continuous meandering, creating a town long short lane and clip get. Over nineteen scholars, thirty-one lifts, the history of Xitang since the Ming Dynasty, one hundred and three people leave work in the world, the car shuttle, Jingli, soil is created the story. Clearly, many beautiful or sad story, and the wall, together with water, and hold the bridge together, this is called "Wu Genyue corner" of the Millennium town, is one of the few we know, most of us know. The ancient town has the inference of the play, is romantic and reasonable. Not only is Xitang opera, after all, Xitang itself is a drama. A nearly twenty years ago or deep water silently live in town, twenty years after she crafted the "simple and elegant, quiet and gentle, sepsis leisure" moving the country, become the first China historical and cultural town, was awarded by the United Nations as a "historical and cultural protection outstanding achievement award" that?相关的主题文章: