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The near future PLA generals to take the initiative to the soldiers salute this article for the author: Sasha Sasha original, reproduced please indicate if the U.S. military has an amazing phenomenon, is even general to salute a soldier! It’s not a movie, it’s reality! The soldier named sergeant major, representing the American officer of this group. The PLA is also vigorously improving the treatment and the Authority launched a sergeant, Sergeant concept. Perhaps in the near future, the people’s liberation army generals to salute the officer! Listen to Sasha say. Not just people, petty officer, is a soldier. In the Liberation Army soldiers were belonging to the command object being led, and not as valued officers. The so-called got a hard to find it! The sergeant little power, head belongs to the soldiers in the army, but also rather awkward. Sasha remember watching a movie called "no trace" ballistic, that is the story of a sergeant. A stone called Pingyang’s artillery soldiers ability is very prominent, head of stay as the backbone in various non commissioned officers training, assessment of the corresponding group. On the contrary, the ability is not as good as Pingyang’s two comrades (one of which is his girlfriend), but was sent to the military officer. Eight years later, everything as his rival King North back to the army, has been wearing uniforms of staff officer lieutenant! Shi Pingyang was a soldier. Sasha after watching this movie is a pity, for Shi Pingyang’s encounter is very indignation. The outstanding ability of non commissioned officers, in the real war than what Lieutenant staff more useful. However, at that time, with the officers and NCO no matter in terms of treatment is poor in one hundred and eight thousand. A few years later, Sasha as a Junsao female classmate, eat when talking about their ex husband problem, and touched the sasha. Female classmate’s husband is also a capable Officer (level I forgot), in the army for ten years, non technical officer! When the young want to leave the army, the army leaders to keep her husband not to go. But stay in the army for so many years, his salary increase is limited, always when a deputy platoon leader, company commander changed a lot above. He didn’t want to go like this, but he was too old to walk. Sasha female students also urge her husband to go, after all, since the early Chizou are walking, than a little earlier or demobilized veterans, as soon as possible to the local work or business. After all, both are equal to or demobilized veterans, from the beginning. It is not easy for a man who is not more than and 30 years old to be in touch with society. Husband and wife two people for a long time, always uncertain. The people’s Liberation Army aside, on the west, is attached great importance to the role of sergeant. The US military establishment as an example, the total strength, the highest officer reached 64%, about about 600000 people at present, accounting for about half the total strength. Excellent pay and benefits are better than non commissioned officers to junior officers. Three army sergeant first class as an example, the basic monthly salary of at least $more than 2 thousand, seems to be not high. But the subsidy is very high, even more than a month, there are a lot of benefits plus: free medical treatment, legal services, the use of free or preferential discount on holiday camp facilities, local traffic tools, families and children, married and single preferential employment officer Sergeant by the government rationing single.相关的主题文章: