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The overseas Chinese education and become the "The Belt and Road" Language Bridge – Beijing News Agency kingsone September 30 Xinhua: the overseas Chinese education and become the "The Belt and Road" Language Bridge author Miu Chao a few years ago, Chinese education China carried out in Southeast Asian countries together, now bear fruit, as a "catalyst Belt and Road Initiative" the play the role of "bridge". A "Oriental The Danube" that the Mekong river flowed into the old Burma border region of Golden Triangle, flat wide. 30, the shuttle which the merchant, for the Golden Triangle special economic zone of the vegetable market brought in the old, Burma, Thailand four countries fruits and vegetables, followed by the four countries to traders. Golden Triangle is an ordinary Burma businessman, he is Chinese and Chinese fruit and vegetable business. In recent years, through Laos, Burma, Thailand, the cooperation of the three countries, coupled with the funds of Chinese investors, Golden Triangle’s poppy was cleared. Now Golden Triangle has become the "The Belt and Road", a famous tourist destination. "My Chinese was learned in the Chinese language school in Burma." Rather modest to say. "In the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone, it is important to speak Chinese because of the development and management of this group of people." Over the years, China has invested money and human resources to help develop Chinese language education in Burma. In addition to Ning general, living in the District of Golden Triangle Laos Myanmar people, will be more or less Chinese, Burmese and Chinese as a bridge here Chinese management communication "". Dozens of kilometers away, in the Qing Sheng border crossings in northern Thailand, Lydia as Chinese translation of English translation daay as volunteers, volunteers, use of leisure, to provide free language services to foreigners in Thailand waiting to enter. Because travel to Thailand the Chinese more, Lydia is busy. Lahti is a graduate of Confucius College of Thailand University Kan Mahal salad. With the rise of "Chinese fever" in the world, Thailand’s royal family, government and people attach great importance to Chinese teaching. China and Thailand colleges and departments, and follow the development trend of the times, actively cooperate in the end of 2006 to build 14 Confucius and 11 Confucius class throughout Thailand. With the "push The Belt and Road" in Southeast Asian countries, Chinese and Thailand has carried out extensive cooperation in tourism, agriculture, transportation, science and technology etc.. More and more enterprises Chinese, businessmen and tourists come to Thailand, such as this to Maserati such "pupil of Confucius" has brought considerable income stability. Three years after graduation, Lydia has been in Thailand kingsone Chinese engaged in translation work. Today, her monthly income of fifteen thousand baht, equivalent to three thousand yuan, higher than the national average wage in Thailand. Have a rich life of Lydia, did not forget to thank Confucius for her guidance. More and more Chinese tourists and businessmen, the Thailand tourism department to recruit volunteers to the community to provide translation services for the Chinese people." Lahti said. After the recruitment, she actively responded and joined the volunteer team. To the north of Thailand port, as)相关的主题文章: