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The owner of a car hit the fire hydrant unscrupulous tunnel six or seven fire hydrant smashed – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Li Huanyu), a total length of 1.8 kilometers of road tunnel because of less traffic, beside the road and installed many fire hydrant, some owners playing with fire hydrant in the water washing idea. Over the past two months, often driving through the tunnel after Liu found that some owners brazenly smashed the fire hydrant outside the glass door, with the water to wash their own vehicles. Mr. Liu said, in a period of time, he often drove from sengai road tunnel in the early after 7 p.m.. Each time, there will always be a car parked on the roadside, and sometimes there will be a lot of stagnant water on the ground. Especially when the weather is better, all the way down, you can hit the two or three dial to use a fire hydrant to wash the car. "Usually follow the tunnel vehicles less, there is little traffic police patrol, so many vehicles will be parked here in summer naliang." Liu said, people did not expect is that some drivers may feel less people in the tunnel, the use of water inside the fire hydrant to wash their own vehicles. The reporter saw Mr. Liu to provide photographs, a black car parked in the vicinity of a fire hydrant, a man is carrying out from the fire hydrant in the pipe to wash the vehicle skin self-assured or supercilious. At 7 yesterday morning, the reporter drove through Huizhong road tunnel, to find a truck stopped at the side of a fire hydrant, the two person in the car is pulling a fire hydrant in the water rushed in a car, at this time, the road has left a large pool of water. Reporters noted that both sides of the road, road tunnel, tens of meters will install a fire hydrant at some fire hydrant glass door has been smashed. Reporter carefully found a few, more than and 30 fire hydrants, there have been six or seven fire hydrant glass door appeared varying degrees of damage. What is more, after the use of fire hydrants to flush the vehicle, but directly connected to the fire hydrant to the water pipe thrown to the ground. In accordance with the provisions of the "People’s Republic of China fire protection law" sixtieth, personal damage, misappropriation or unauthorized removal, fire control facilities, equipment, warning or a fine of five hundred yuan. Liu said, I hope the relevant departments can also be destroyed in a timely manner to repair the fire hydrant, do not let the public facilities were diverted by others. Text and photo J002相关的主题文章: