The rail line line 14 first station of the main structure of the cap 31 station has been built 17 (v tonya mitchell

The rail line line 14 first station main structure completed 31 stations already built 17 metro line 14 Station Road, the main structure of the Guangdong last concrete recently completed, marking the first line of the station successfully completed the structure. It is worth mentioning that, when the 345 days of the project, more than the original plan in advance of 12 days, laying the foundation for the subsequent construction. 14 line function positioning for the urban rail transit lines of high traffic volume, is connected to the downtown area and the eastern and western regions of the radiation, is located in the center of the line network is located in the core area adjacent to the river crossing line 2. The line is completed, will further strengthen the Pudong Puxi River, effectively alleviate the No. 2 passenger line tensions, the strong support of important area of Jiangqiao new town, as deputy city center, Jingan Temple business district, Huangpu District CBD area, the central business district of Lujiazui, Jinqiao Export Processing Zone along the line of development and construction, alleviate the tense situation of important traffic corridor City East and the core area, improve the urban traffic structure and environment, play network overall efficiency. Line 14, a total length of about 38.5 km, a total of 31 stations, all off the assembly line. The 6 station 6 interval (Pudong Road station ~ Dragon Road Station) to build and what channel project fit. A depot and parking lot Fengbang bridge. Up to now, 31 stations have started construction of the 17 seat. This year, downtown Jingan Temple station, world station, Wuning Road station, Wuding Road station, the station will be officially started construction, the future of the station after the completion of the opening, will further improve the city center site density, improve the transfer level, to provide convenience for passengers to travel around the city. "" big "Shen recommended today: 23000 today haze this week more rainy days Thursday after the temperature returned to 20 DEG C China Pokka hospital rankings: Shanghai accounted for 19 of the 7 National Highway first specialist Chen Hai a heavy truck lost control and hit the fence is suspected of drunk driving road block runaway man stopped at a red light sleep alcohol test blow out 159 birth insurance online shopping features baby diapers on Paul" red ass "" wonderful video: two women and a man drunk at room refused SAPO smashed scratched police female passengers on the bus driver plug tablet strange man was closed immediately arrests 300 pounds of male dancers dance on a big show of flexible network language violence about 4 Shanghai rail line last night to extend the operation of 61 bus lines (the video for supporting the delay spread.) Use your finger, at any time the illegal traffic! Sweep under the two-dimensional code, focus on Tencent Dashen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)相关的主题文章: