The real estate of a generation of Psychedelic Chinese

The real estate of a generation of Psychedelic Chinese? The sina finance opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Chen Zhilong Stephen Hroch said that the real estate psychedelic a generation of Americans, the temptation of many countries, including China. No one can say for sure that China is a special example of the United states. A few years ago, this sentence may give us some of today’s warning, we learn from it, in time to wake up, reasonable error correction. The real estate of a generation of Psychedelic Chinese? A recent article "loss of 1500 trillion of the night before Japanese was crazy to buy a house in the circle of friends" heat transfer, the article said that in 80s the last century Japan market madness, Japanese charge such as chicken brain, the heroic history of poison. Wealth illusion is accompanied by the expansion of the bubble economy, the rapid expansion of the financial system. However, with the 1991 property market prices plummeted, breaching of the dike Island, a history of the largest real estate bubble. People make a fetish of "land island long-term fetishism" and "Tokyo prices never fall" Utopia "myth" end, the highest prices in Tokyo fell over 6, a large number of banks and real estate business failures, those who devote their whole life to buy a home or a night, is very fierce, long cycle economy into recession. The Japanese real estate market value of 1500 trillion yen ashes to ashes, the collapse of the property market price more than the loss of defeat in World War ii. All history is contemporary history, every crisis is not wasted, it is worth bearing in mind. When the market near the top of the "great swordsman" approach to fight brave warriors, not just a Japanese style "warrior", where are all the same, because human nature is the same. The United States before the subprime crisis. This holiday, have stressed before the U.S. Congress House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate committee investigating the financial crisis the majority party leader Reed wrote "financial crisis investigation report", you will see from the nearly one million words in the report, the golden age of gambling, "the speculators who manipulate the game is how the financial market into the casino," excessive risk-taking "quick money" games to the financial system into an impasse, and even the entire financial system is in the death of flight "," that is a fundamental fault — the financial system can be called changes — to cause serious damage to the entire American society and people". In this process, financial Institutional Firms governance astonishing corruption and irresponsible behavior, aggressive and reckless operation, has a huge wealth and power sector for policymakers and regulators pressure regulation is weak and feeble rouma sought their superstitions too big to fail, the risk exposure is constantly expanding, "like the Greek myth in Icarus, not afraid to fly higher and closer to the sun". Let us through the report of the bit, look at those brave death flight "is what kind of experience. The summer of 2006, the real estate market is facing a rapid increase in inventory, sales slump and price swing dilemma, economic risks have appeared to accelerate, but Lehman as large mortgage originators, large securities issuance and underwriting departments are still constantly at top speed)相关的主题文章: