The Rockets went to Russia in the leopard second runner up target

The Rockets went to Russia in the leopard second runner up last target "Tianshan Eagle" nighttime assault training penetration. Liu Yinghua photo original title: Tianshan in leopard, a letter from the sky only love moon out of the Tianshan Mountains, the vast sea of clouds. A Flying Leopard gushing flame in the night sky cloud said: please remember me! The western Gobi mountains, Xinjiang Yili, air force aviation brigade is like an eagle flying in the north and south of the Tianshan mountains. At the foot of the Tianshan Mountains, near the leopard". Photo by Niu Chenfei pilot Wang Xiaojun in the eyes of a domineering, this is the eagle eyes. Liu Yinghua burns in addition to the fire, what else? In August 21, 2016, women’s volleyball team: boiling the whole China, indomitable spirit once again shocked the Chinese women’s volleyball team. 15 days ago, the air force "Chinese team" in Russia also staged a perfect counter attack. When someone tells you, send you to attend a very important international competition, what would you think? When you know that, before some courses match completely with no training, and what do you want? In February 2016, the flight team prepared several veteran pilots slightly disturbed room. No one can guess, received in aviation darts -2016 international military competition notice them, the heart is how complex. After 85 pilots Luo Feng some worry, veteran Wang Xiaojun is more calm. With the leopard become attached to ten years, in the calm and resolute strong wind and big waves created a unique, hard competition over but also a word — "practice"! An easy integration, Rong machine is hard to find. 15:33 on August 6th, Wang Xiaojun flew off, the competition started the last course. In front of the air visual reconnaissance in the competition, the Chinese team ranked second in the countdown, scoring more than the last one only more than 3 points. At the moment, the "ground attack" will determine the final outcome. "Bang" rocket roared and oblique, disappeared in the target of a fire. The air force Chinese created a rare 4 rockets all hit the target! At the end of the big reversal, the Chinese team to the only one out of the second bombing crew. "You’re flying, I am flying is" a dream of the blue sky by burning cavity blood in each heart is a pilot, because it for fear of enemies regardless of the weather. Fly in the vast desert in the night alone, in the face of obstacles on the weight of Li Bing, who can not be called "God’s favored one". The brigade first "golden dart" winner, deputy commander Feng Jinqiang, quiet and elegant character in that tough. Liu Yinghua shot in addition to the stars, what? I Kaslow is the God of wings, a symbol of flying, but ultimately because of the loss of wings and fall. A human being is more powerful than a mythical god. The hero of the epic is never to casually form overnight, but after fighting in and out! Just this year, the young carrier based aircraft Zhang Chao life will freeze in the sky. Hero never dies! Sacrifice, take away the life but leave the spirit. The ancient beauty with twilight, no hero see whitehead. Example to have power, also need to inherit. Here, the "golden dart" winner, Feng Jinqiang was born in 1979, has also taken from相关的主题文章: