The rocks found suspected humanoid body the United States once again failed to rescue Guo Sichuan – -poper

The rocks found suspected humanoid body the United States once again failed to rescue Guo Sichuan – Sohu news search and rescue team of French experts Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ma Bangjie Guo Chuan) 7 pm local time in Hawaii team received notice of the U.S. Coast Guard maritime rescue center in Honolulu when the day sent a plane on a suspected humanoid object at sea reef conducted a search did not find the lost contact for more than two weeks of Guo chuan. According to Guo Chuan team general manager Liu Lingling introduced, Hawaii local time 6 days, by the local Chinese xiehang organization for a period of two days after the end of civil flight search operations, Guo Chuan family search team photos taken at the time of the study, in a place called "a humanoid objects found on the reef, in Gardiner." the sun dragging shadow. The photo shows the shooting time is 11 a.m. local time at about 05. Hawaii local time 6 days at 23:10, Guo Chuan team in the pictures and news from the Guo Chuan family, urging his family to report first Chinese maritime search and rescue center, and at the same time the picture and all relevant information reported to the U.S. Coast Guard maritime rescue center in Honolulu by email. The latter had been dispatched in the water after the fall of 48 aircraft and ships search and rescue, and then announced the suspension of operations. Liu Lingling will be in the Gardiner sea reef to see the news of the human nature of the emergency notification is to catch up with the sea, China, Qingdao, the number of rescue boats, aunt, aunt no.. Although the French team internal experts believe that object is unlikely Guo Sichuan, he judged according to photos and geographic data that is likely to be a triangular cement column, but in the spirit of "life first, people first" principle, "aunt Betty", or to change course in after receiving the message, to the Gardiner sea reef. 7 am local time, there are still about 102 nautical miles from the Gardiner reef, they learned that the United States Coast Guard has sent aircraft to the investigation, only to continue to chase after the rescue of China Qingdao, the trimaran on the other side of the ship. Liu Lingling said that 7 local time, at 16 points, China Maritime Search and rescue center and the Chinese Consulate General in Losangeles, respectively, told the team: the object is seen on the reef is an artificial building. The plane on the rocks above after careful search, no evidence that Guo chuan. Xie hang revealed that the day before the day when they searched the Gardiner reef, had seen an orange near the sea, but soon disappeared. Then they went to other islands search, until finally helpless to return to the airport. Xie Hang said: "at that time, the captain said we must return, now involved in search of us understand what it represents, retired captain seals John red eyes moist, saying" only so, we have done our best for the seaman. Everyone looked at each other in silence, each back to the seat. Return cabin a silent. At 3 in the afternoon we went back to the Honolulu Airport. There were a few people who asked, "is that all? If you want to go, we are duty bound Although we never met the captain and Guo Chuan, even before we listen to had not heard of him, but respect for life, fear of the ocean, we finished the family in the shortest time.相关的主题文章: