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The ship ran aground, Kinmen Taiwan oil environmental protection departments: please Beijing September Beijing and – 18 according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reports to assist, the typhoon "Meranti", Chinese ship ran aground off the coast of Gu Gang in Kinmen County, there is oil pollution situation. Taiwan EPA official 17 of respondents said that Kinmen Environmental Protection Bureau has with the coast guard and other personnel, cloth oil boom and shore clean-up operations, it will do its utmost to help. Taiwan EPA officials pointed out that the Kinmen County Environmental Protection Bureau 17 days back at 8:30 in the morning newspaper reported, "all Taizhou" with 25 tonnes of diesel and lube oil 2 tons, major marine oil pollution contingency plan in accordance with the approved Taiwan administrative agencies, the amount of residual oil vessel of less than 100 metric tons, belongs to the first level, by the local strain, handled by the Kinmen County government. In addition, Kinmen County Environmental Protection Bureau, the morning of the 17 day investigation found that shore confirmed the black oil, the environmental protection agency to diverge, a team of officers in conjunction with the coast guard personnel, sea cloth oil boom, another team and Coast Guard personnel shore cleaning; Taiwan EPA will continue to grasp the following conditions please sent and open contract manufacturers to support the cleanup of Kinmen, kinmen. Taiwan Environmental Protection Department of water quality protection, said Ye, the first time the discovery of oil spills, should be 16 pm at about 9, about 10, the current range of cross-strait pollution is about 200 meters to 300 meters. For subsequent claims issues, by the Kinmen County Environmental Protection Bureau of statistics related expenses claim to the owner, the EPA will also assist; as for whether the ship continued to leak, is confirmed by the relevant personnel monitoring and investigation.相关的主题文章: