The Star Alliance blood brothers never finish – ending basketball entertainment Sohu-aspack

The "Star Alliance" blood brothers never finish ending Basketball – Sohu   entertainment; "Star Alliance" hot blooded entertainment news when Sohu ending star family collective throws the ball into the sky at the moment, "the Star Alliance" a summer hot blooded journey also temporarily put a sentence point. In the final game, star star team united and fought and transformed from a "grassroots" team completely into a board and occupation player "elite lion", "Star" race out of unyielding spirit! Zheng Haixia, Li Yulin, Li Ke, Tao Hanlin, Zhai Xiaochuan, Chen Shidong, Chandler, face "as fierce as a tiger" Star team, United star completely let go wild. Li Wenhan like a hawk firm eyes, not to let your heart be scared. Wang Kuang after scoring against the sky kiss, do not let you dream of longing. Feng Hanpu as pony lightsome skill allows you to Chinese basketball is not full of hope. Chen Chien-chou was like an old father brother worry about future, while holding the basketball does not let go. The game stars united with 80:85 failed, the same is 5 points, but the United star had no regrets. If, in the game with the legendary team, United star learned what is "bear", with the Raptors in the game, to learn what is the "Our wills unite like a fortress. in this game," star, united to learn what is "never give up". Don’t care about winning or losing, enjoy the stadium. United star has been indeed progress and growth is no doubt. The "Star Alliance" charm is not in the dream of the times, it makes every people dare to dream become so dazzling. Thanks to all the staff and players, so that the "Star League" with us through a warm summer. After the star of the spirit of the United States and the family will be accompanied by every member in the pursuit of their dreams on the road, do not say goodbye.相关的主题文章: