The truck rainy night planted into farmland front severely distorted car suspension (video)

The truck rainy night "planted" into farmland front severely distorted the scene of the accident car suspended 14 am, a car loaded with coal for heavy duty trucks and trailers in Le ya 814KM at high speed (Ya’an (micro-blog) to Leshan (micro-blog)) rushed down the embankment, severe deformation of the cab, fortunately, two per car for minor injuries. "There’s a big truck. It’s scary!" Today, the public Mr. Wu’s report said, in the vicinity of Jiajiang aishun high-speed service area, a large truck out of the fence, the front pulpy zhuangde. On the morning of 14, Sanjiang Metropolis Daily reporter saw at the scene of the accident, a "Jin L" heavy trailer license "planted" into the farmland on the edge, front severely distorted, is on one side of the carriage, carriage is suspended, the car of coal on a land, as well as the side was severing the highway guardrail. According to the Leshan Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment directly under the two brigade police high-speed accident at 4 pm today, they immediately rushed to the scene after receiving the alarm, the scene of the accident about three or four km from the Royal Jiajiang high-speed service area, some of the masses of onlookers at the scene, is very dangerous, the police quickly evacuated the masses, to prevent the occurrence of the two accident at the same time; the ambulance, the injured to a nearby hospital. According to preliminary police investigation, a heavy trailer is from Ya’an to Leshan direction, was under a light rain, the road is in the construction phase, need to change after unilateral passage, and the car did not change, and a few meters after the central guardrail collision, the car lost control and hit the road on the left side of the fence down the bad sectors roadbed. Police in the hospital learned that two people on board the father and son, driving his father, but fortunately, a slight abrasions of two per capita. Currently, the accident is under further investigation. The police suggested that the majority of drivers, night driving line of sight is not clear, the road is wet and slippery, especially to Caution!, slow down, pay attention to observe the road, keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead longer. In case of rain, rain, go to the nearest service rest area, parking area, or the nearest exit the highway. Editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for the extended reading prison beat the car hit a large truck front cross rapid direct insertion of goods vehicle相关的主题文章: