The two galaxies collide with each other to form a devil’s eye structure

Two galaxies collide with each other to form a similar "evil eye" structure is the IC 2163 galaxy, the galaxy NGC 2207, the latest research shows that the two galaxies collide with one another, IC 2163 galaxies of stars and gas side impact NGC 2207 galaxy, a mysterious eyes like structure. Tencent space news according to the British Daily Mail reported that at present, astronomers found a new observation of galaxies are locked in a strong chaos of the war, 114 million light-years from earth, with the speed of 362102 kilometers an hour they collide, forming a spectacular cosmic "evil eye". One galaxy called IC 2163, side impact its neighbor Galaxy NGC 2207, resulting in a dazzling arc of star birth region, produces two galaxy collision material similar to the tidal wave shape of the eye. The United States Ohio State University astronomer Atta Karma used large millimeter and submillimeter wave telescope array (ALMA) observations, found that the tsunami like stars and gas side collision of spiral galaxy IC 2163 disc. Research Report, Ohio State University responsible person Michel – Kauffman (Michele Kaufman) said: "although this type of Galaxy collision is not common, there is only a small amount of similar structures of the eye galaxies, but the structure is really exist." Currently, the latest research report published in the recently published astrophysical journal. Michel and her colleagues pointed out that this is a very rare eye galaxy because of their life is very short, the Eye Galaxy lasted only a few million years, this time is very short for the galaxy’s life. The observation of the eyes of the galaxy will provide a rare opportunity to study the occurrence of a galaxy eating another galaxy occurs when the scene. The two galaxies, which are about the age of the earth, are about 114 million light years away from the earth. In the past, the friction between the two galaxies has been coupled with the outer rim of their arms. This situation is likely to be the first stage of the two galaxies eventually merged, astronomers have made detailed measurements of carbon monoxide, carbon monoxide is fuel tracer of star formation, which is located in the galaxy narrow "eyelid" position. Gas IC 2163 galaxies "eyelid" position outside inward, speed of 100 kilometers per second, but towards the gas run quickly inside the galaxy gear, began to move in a confused way, eventually change the direction and direction of rotation of galaxies together. Study co-author, IBM Watson Research Center scientist Bruce Al Meglen (Bruce Elmegreen) said, we observed the "Eye Galaxy" is very similar to that of the waves against the shore, and until the shoal interact, it will eventually lost momentum, water and sand together. At the same time, Michel said, we not only found that the gas from the outside of the "eyelid" to the inner edge of the rapid deceleration, but also to measure the rapid decline in the density of molecular gases. Direct measurements of the two galaxies show how they drive the gas to form a new cluster of stars and a dazzling eyelid. Computer model pre相关的主题文章: