The two generation is more likely to be admitted to key

"The two generation" is more likely to be admitted to a key university original title: negative energy second wave: "the two generation" is more likely to be admitted to a key university | politics CNPolitics Author: Shao Li   source: public number "political CNPolitics" politics had previously said that a student’s family background for him she can do Tsinghua Beijing University is very important (see "to Tsinghua Beijing University, family background is more important? "), this view attracted all the crowd a moan. Today, the political achievements will continue to introduce a "extremely brutal": according to Yang Wenhui of Hong Kong University Science & Technology and Chen Ling of Tsinghua University’s latest paper showed that two other than the official peers are more likely to be admitted to a key university. Their conclusions are based on an analysis of the 2010 national student survey. The survey used a random stratified approach, in 2305 colleges and universities across the country to extract more than 19 students in the survey of more than 5000. Among the 19 universities, there are more than 10 key universities in the "211 Project" and the other 9 universities. Survey data collected from the source of the provinces, family background, college entrance examination scores and high school performance and other data. What the researchers are concerned about is whether the professional background of the students’ parents will affect their chances of being admitted to a key university. Statistics show that if their parents in the government, state-owned enterprises and institutions have a cadre status, then these students have a greater chance of 211". And if their parents are workers, farmers, clerks, technicians, or entrepreneurs, those students will be less likely to go to a key university. However, this does not mean that their parents’ work is the main reason for children to focus on the University – after all, the University of this matter, both to consider the history of the process, but also rely on the child’s self struggle. It will not be the official two than the other two generation more outstanding? The identity of their parents may mean a better education, which allows them to provide good family education to make children better? The identity of the parents may also mean higher income, perhaps it is the wealth of educational resources to bring their children to become better? However, the statistical results show that, after controlling for the two variables of parents’ education level and family income, the influence of parents’ occupation. More importantly, the researchers put after the college entrance examination scores of respondents standard into the regression equation, it was still not erase the parents’ occupation variables. This means that, even if the two college entrance examination scores in the same case, the official two generations or more than the work of the two generation, the farmers of the two generation, the business is more likely to enter the key universities of the two generation. The researchers also took the college entrance examination scores as the dependent variable, and the parents’ professional background as the explanatory variables. In other words, the two generation of college entrance examination scores are not higher than the other two generations. There may be some people continue to question, college entrance examination results do not necessarily reflect the degree of excellence of the students. So the researchers also use independent recruitment and delivery system, college entrance examination and high school grades row Hao相关的主题文章: