The two men see the net wealth of female friends often red female incarnation of the 140 thousand ro-pretty rhythm

The two men see the net wealth of female friends often red female incarnation of the 140 thousand robbery original title: "net red" women love to show off Changsha hijacked 140 thousand cheated at the end of June this year, the two men found a debt on the Internet frequently show off their wealth network F, a man playing the "female friends" with WeChat contact, familiar with a after a month, with his rich friends want to make friends with her on the grounds that the net f Pianzhi Changsha, with two other associates to rob. Recently, several suspects have been jingfangxingju. According to the police investigation, a total of 140 thousand yuan net f was robbed. Meet the "female friends" is our network to invite Yang Weiwei fishing gold (a pseudonym) is a Master network, a large number of fans on the Internet, she is also very love to use their red network identity, often publish some luxury photos on social platforms. At the end of June this year, Yang Weiwei found his WeChat a person applying to add her as a friend, because each picture is a girl, no more thought, soon passed the name "Sisi" friend request. Then a period of time, think often in Yang Weiwei’s circle of friends for their point of praise, comments. At the beginning of August, "Sisi" offered invitation for Yang Weiwei to play Changsha, and said he had a boss rich friends love Yang Weiwei, I hope to make friends with her. At first, Yang Weiwei did not take it seriously, think "thinking" is to say, and "thinking" is very serious. In August 17th, "thought" to turn Yang Weiwei to a sum of 5000 yuan remittances, said this is the boss for money. After receiving the money, Yang Weiwei immediately bought a ticket from Beijing to Changsha on the morning of August 18th. "I think it’s all right. I’m relieved." Yang Weiwei told the police, think in the WeChat told her that the boss has sent a driver to pick her up, to the driver’s mobile phone number. The driver driving on the way into the robber at around 1 am on August 18th, Yang Weiwei after the plane to find the boss sent to the driver on a Buick car. Buick pulled out of the airport, near the people’s road, pulled over a black BYD car. Buick driver said the car out of some problems, let BYD car to send Yang Weiwei past. "There is no preparedness, I got on the bus they face." Yang Weiwei told the police, the Buick driver will be sent to her BYD car, just sitting in the back of the car, the Buick driver took out a knife and said, "be honest, take something valuable out of the body." Then, from Yang Weiwei’s handbag to get a cell phone, ID card and bank card. Yang Weiwei recalls, in this process, the BYD driver’s phone rang, in a brief conversation, Yang Weiwei know that Buick is BYD car driver friend, call a friend to let him go to the car. Two men whispering, Buick driver drove away, half an hour later, take a taxi back. In the car, two people forced her to tell the bank card password, three people came to the station a ATM machine removed 20 thousand cash; then turn away 50 thousand yuan in Wuyi Road, a ATM machine, forcing Alipay to transfer 140 thousand yuan Yang Weiwei. camp相关的主题文章: