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The United States and China’s first antitrust litigation ended: pharmaceutical companies in Hebei after 12 years in favor of the original title: China and the United States launched the first antitrust case: Hebei pharmaceutical companies took 12 year-end news in favor of Shijiazhuang on 22 September, (reporter Chen Lin) the United States launched China’s first antitrust cases in the last 12 years, and ultimately to Hebei pharmaceutical companies win ending. North China Pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd announced that in September 21st, the company received a subsidiary of Hebei welcome Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, the United States Court of Appeals for the second circuit in the local time on September 20, 2016. Chinese enterprises involving US vitamin C antitrust cases make a decision: revocation of the original judgment in court, dismissing the plaintiff, back to the court and instructions of court withdraw the case. The vitamin C antitrust case involving the United States began hearing since 2005, when a total of 4 production of vitamin C Chinese pharmaceutical companies sued by U.S. companies, said China manufacturers to jointly implement the export to the US price collusion of vitamin C reached a fixed price behavior by way of agreement, in violation of the anti-monopoly law. Always concern and support the Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce Director of policy and regulation department, public law 22 solution Yongfa News Agency reporters interview said that at that time China is in a transition from planned economy to market economy period, Chinese exports appear low sales phenomenon, export is facing anti-dumping risk, countries had not yet been issued anti monopoly law. Under this background, the government is determined by the China medicines and health products import and Export Chamber of Commerce for the pre nuclear signature management for the related export products, enterprises in order to pharmaceutical companies for China American antitrust litigation. Yongfa solution said, for a variety of reasons, the other 3 companies in the first trial before the plaintiff has with the reconciliation and giving compensation, finally only the Hebei welcome Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd a company adhere to no reconciliation. In 2013, 8 years later, the court of first instance ruled that Chinese enterprises constitute a monopoly, the United States claims to compensate the plaintiff for about $150 million astronomical compensation. After the U.S. Court ruled that North China Pharmaceutical violated U.S. antitrust laws, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman said the results are unfair and inappropriate. North China Pharmaceutical Group legal audit department official was in an interview with News Agency reporters said that the verdict is not fair, enterprises have been ready to appeal, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises according to law Chinese. Hebei welcome Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd appeal, by the court of second instance and lasted nearly 3 years of trial, won the judgment. Here, the Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce and other departments have been given support and help to the enterprise. The solution for the Hebei Yongfa said, invited experts to the meeting of the Ministry of Commerce, and to the United States Court of Appeals for the "friend of the court" the form of a letter stating their opinions, China government submitted a protest to a first ruling diplomatic note to the United states. The case lasted for 12 years, Hebei pharmaceutical companies eventually winning, this solution is not easy to Yongfa sigh. He said that there are similar cases in China, when the case was lost as a precedent, there will be other companies face the threat of antitrust litigation. The case in favor of a precedent, such as soil, magnesite and other similar enterprises bichromate China will be 6相关的主题文章: