There Is No Such Thing As The Best Eye

Anti-Aging When it comes to eye gels, creams, or serums, there is no one size fits all product. There are too many factors involved, the least of which everyones individual needs and wants in an eye product vary. But there are some factors to consider when choosing the best: Ingredients are a key factor. Good eye gels and creams should contain safe and high quality ingredients. The product with the longest ingredient list is not necessarily the best product. Rather, you should look to see if contains products that have been dermatologist proven and tested. Alpha hydroxy acids are popular in eye gels and creams because they have been shown to help exfoliate the outer layer of skin cells. This not only improves skin appearance but also helps allow the other lotion ingredients to penetrate skin. Make sure the product contains a safe dose of these alpha hydroxy acids; too high a concentration might cause irritation, especially around the sensitive eye skin area. A good product will be tested to be safe for use around the eye. All ingredients should be properly identified. The pH level of the eye product should be neutral. In some cases, there should be buffers to neutralize the pH or to help keep certain pH-sensitive ingredients stable. Another good factor when determining the best eye product is the formulation itself. Is it too sticky or too greasy for your skin type? Does it have a strange or offensive odor? Is it light enough to use daily or do you have to go through many steps of prepping skin prior to use? Do you have to wait forever for it to absorb? Often we will favor those eye gels and creams that are most convenient to use. One more thing to consider is the price. If the eye gel or cream of your choosing is so expensive that you can barely afford to buy it, is it worth it? If you plan to include an eye product into your daily routine, it should be reasonably priced. Also, dont fall into the trap of thinking an expensive product is better than a drugstore product. Sometimes the price is simply for prettier packaging; or the companies claim the eye product has a rare ingredient which turns out to be of such minuscule quantity out of the whole that you are really paying for nothing. Thus, evaluate whether the price equals the value. Performance, quality and price are all factors when choosing the best eye gel or cream. Trust to trial and error to find a good eye gel or cream. You may have to compare many products before declaring which one is the best eye gel or cream for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: