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These skin care habits destroy face, now know that these artifacts are there to save COSMO micro signal: cosmochina every day in the face of efforts left two coats right two coats have become our habit, than the brush husband according to the United States but also with heart wood? However, some small habits but let your skin pores arch-criminal intense darkness without light! These skin care habits ruined your face squeeze blackhead everyone more or less will have some problems on the black, it is because the pores of the grease directly to the air and dirty things in contact, and then oxidized to form. Many girls have the habit of squeezing blackheads, seeing the little fat "break through" the heart, really cool than wages. Although the thirteen sister or this mouth, but still have to say, squeeze blackhead is not terrible, terrible is the impact. Squeeze blackhead pores will become more aware of it, and the pores become larger this situation is irreversible, that is, the big is big, no matter what you use the product can only be said to be a temporary reduction. Long term use will make the skin better. Pores can not return to the original state. So, be careful before you start! Acne tool in addition to squeezing the blackhead, squeeze acne squeeze package this is your hobby. But a cool skin goose pimples crematorium! First, there are a lot of bacteria on the finger, it will break through the acne into the skin, resulting in pigmentation, skin inflammation and other serious consequences. Secondly, the local skin damage, the skin’s immune system will be reduced, you do not find their own love to squeeze acne in place is particularly easy to Zhangdou? Or that old love squeeze acne pores especially love a new age? This is the truth! Finally, even if they are not, and you are always afraid of acne pox pits! If you have a lot of acne, it is recommended to start from the inside, because the face of acne is usually associated with the body’s endocrine and visceral health, and then go to a regular hospital or beauty salons do pox treatment. If you are a pox or physiological acne is not frequent, can put some anti-inflammatory oil, in order to let the skin emerge of itself and perish of itself! Strong abrasive exfoliating exfoliating scrub is a good thing for the skin, can remove excess dead skin to make the skin more smooth. But when it’s over, it’s not good. For example, those more exciting potent exfoliating products, although it seems to make the skin smooth and delicate state to adjust to the point, can actually make the skin leaving tiny wound imperceptible, the skin also want to go long? So it is best to use a mild exfoliating products, once a week is enough, not too much oh! Using calm care essence sensitive dry skin morning wash this season the Savior said to listen to dry skin. Many people think that in the evening wash your face is to wash away the face stained with the stain of the day, and their skin is dry, the evening to the morning is just a sleep of the effort, you do not need to clean up. But you know one night skin The new supersedes the old. will speed up the night, and apply skin care products will be relatively heavy, is actually to wash my face in the morning wash some tiny dust and excess oil skin residue and secreted a night. Do not wash your face in the morning, you can not blame the future black door! Do not change the bedding for the home clean!相关的主题文章: