This group of campus beauty – fried sketch of summer, travel channel

This group of campus beauty – fried sketch of summer, the Travel Channel original title: the summer campus sketch of exploded in front of the building, the administrative open wind. The red petals in front of the library. The "three ten campus asky". In front of the school gate in full bloom of life. Walking in such a beautiful campus, how comfortable! Under the sun in full bloom. There is always a small fresh lens special campus micro film, tree lined trail, willow lake, flying bench. These two days, many students of the WeChat circle of friends, micro-blog is a group of "campus summer lotus" photo scraper. Photo shoot is the campus scenery of Hangzhou Dianzi University, each with a lotus, the campus landscape and lotus combination, the sun looks gorgeous. This photo was taken by Song Jianyue, a teacher at Hangzhou Dianzi University. He told reporters that shooting this group of photos, not overnight. Every season, he will pick up the camera shooting. The shooting, he made a certain idea, in the campus landscape into the lotus element. "School gate is a representative building of our school, many students said it was the most beautiful place, my first picture was taken at the school gate." Song Jianyue said, from the entrance to the school will be able to see a pond in the center of the lotus, has been extended to the library. "Taken from the composition, position, angle, to set the parameters of the camera, I was changing, is to take the taste of summer." Photos online heat transfer, many students see this group of photos also recalled the good times of college. Xiao Yan graduated from Hangzhou Dianzi University in 2012. She recalled that she used to go to the university to read a book on the lakeside bench when she was in school, where she studied for four years. "At that time, I have the impression that there is no lotus, and now with the lotus, the campus a lot of gorgeous, the scenery is really beautiful." Whether it is beauty or anecdotes, welcome you to use the camera to record and tell us. Please join today Xiasha a good photo of the friends of the QQ group: 282024795; can also send photos or photo of the friends of the mailbox jrxssheying@163; or Sina micro-blog pictures @ Qianjiang Evening News Today xiasha. ((Lin Xiaoying): Feng Yatao, even pure commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: