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This week Beijing heat dissipation cooling significantly from autumn only one degree away – Beijing over the weekend, people go sightseeing in Tiantan in autumn. Newspaper reporter Rao Qiang photo (reporter Liu Huan) affected by cold air, yesterday ushered in a rain in some areas of the city. According to the weather forecast, the temperature of this week will be obviously decreased, the average temperature in the week is expected between 22 and 23 DEG C, the capital entered the sense of autumn meteorology only about one degree celsius. Yesterday morning, after the night before the rain, the sun from the clouds began to crack in the smile. But the good weather did not last long, because weather systems affecting the city rainfall is still hovering overhead, 10:45, Fangshan, Yanqing, Mentougou, Changping has issued a lightning yellow warning, Fangshan Puwa village also once appeared in soybean grain size hail. 17 hours when the city meteorological observatory issued a lightning blue warning signal, from the evening to the forecast of 20, the majority of the city in the region have thunderstorms, local short-term rainfall is greater than the big rain in the morning, the weather is more than 05 hours. Due to cloudy rain, most of the city in the evening visibility in 5 to about 10 km. Meteorological experts, after the rain, the temperature will drop to 30 degrees Celsius, the summer heat will gradually dissipate. It is expected that there will be two cold air activities this week, the time of occurrence in the early and mid week.相关的主题文章: