Three characteristics of fear to step back to the upside is still a strong signal quickchm

Three characteristics of fear is a strong signal to step back to the upside Fujian Tianxin: CSI two stock index opened slightly higher in early trading, the opening, in the part of the weight plates and the theme plate was driven by rapid upside, bound not only smooth the break in the line, but also the smooth breakthrough 3100 points mark number, then in 3100 at the top to maintain a narrow range. The afternoon theme plate the first to sell, a sudden change in the situation, the gem index fell rapidly, forming a diving trend, but also led to the main index of the shock down, not only the 3100 point mark integer is not guaranteed, but also below the line of support. The overall stock index xianyanghouyi today, from the rapid sell, on the surface of the hot plate is extremely scattered, and environmental protection sector profit taking signs, but limit the number of stocks is still considerable, the money market effect has not weakened. Garden decoration, water supply, water conservancy construction, construction, engineering machinery and other sector gainers; coal, pre gaosongzhuan, time shares, wine and other led plate. In fact, today for the trading of stock index diving, we repeatedly remind in a recent article, a new fund is mainly reflected in the incremental slowdown, atrophy of large area of private equity funds in August; two is due to the amount of money this week, the market is very large, including reverse repurchase and MLF, a total of nearly 600 billion yuan, the short-term market risk is focused on these two aspects. Today the market in addition to late shock stepped back, the other relatively good performance, mainly reflected in the following aspects, one is whether stock or sector rose more or less, diving did not affect the market trend; two is energy saving and environmental protection sector despite signs of profit taking, but today still rose in the forefront, the leading position is still in three; today the market volume continued to increase, capital opening tendency still. From a technical point of view, today’s stock index was once again successfully break the line and 3100 points integer points, such as the pressure of the two, but then back to the foot, showing that the pressure is still very large two. But in the premise of the trend has not changed, break the trend is not easy, and are normal form. In addition, MACD index stock index of the green column has been shortened, and the KDJ index of complete market MACD divergence form, and the stock index continued to remain above the track in the BOLL channel, there is still upside technical index on demand. In the analysis of late today shocks down, not only has two big pressure, but also to break the energy savings. Comprehensive analysis shows that the market stepped back is not terrible, terrible don’t know what is stepped back after a new round of adjustment or the start of a new wave of upside, we believe that the market today stepped back, without changes in technology and fundamentals under the back foot but is a good suggestion investors use stock index stepped back in time, and gradually pick up some cheap chips, especially with the policy expectations, and the recent stagflation stocks and sectors with good upside potential. The stock market investment perspective, trading post, forecast, Niugu capture, as in the micro signal [[ifengstock]] or Phoenix securities after the analysis of the trend of A shares, pointing out the trend of tomorrow, please pay attention to micro signal [Master] or [fupan588] 2相关的主题文章: