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Marketing Title: Three tips from the field… Article: I put out the word yesterday that I’ll report little (or big) things people do that are working for them…Send your tips in and who knows…you might appear right here. 1. From Kari… who tells how she markets her show, tell and smell type product line… "My sponsor in Scent-sations, Inc. is Jackie Ulmer and she taught me your principles from day one about no hype and letting the customers and the prospects do the talking. So I created a basket that I fill with my products and I take it with me everywhere. When I go to the car dealership for an oil change, I take in my basket and then I start chatting with people about THEM. People love to talk about themselves and they love candles so they usually ask me about my basket. That’s when I will take out a candle and let them smell. I sell products right on the spot." See Kari with basket. 2. From Jeff, rep for Shaklee, on what he does to make his biz cards a curiosity item… "My biz cards… "First, I cut all the hype and crap. Then I put my name and contact info on the front in big enough letters so people can easily see them: My name, then "Home and business:" then address and phone. Nothing else. "On the back though, I START my first date script and it goes right up to: ‘…and after using the product for 3 -4 months, I noticed…’ and the last line on the back of the card says, ‘Story continued at’ (the ol’ cliffhanger–hehehe). This has generated a lot of buzz and it sure gets the prospect talking and asking questions, even if they don’t have a computer. The other day at the coffee shop the waitress (no computer) ended up buying some vitamins after she begged me—BEGGED me!– to finish my story…" 3. Robin, see her profile here, with Oxyfresh, who loves her dogs, wrote in, "I did more in one day than 3 months before." "Yesterday was a busy day for me. I stopped at a groomers shop, did my first date script, she’s going to use my products, yeah. Then I called 25 of my kennel customers, talked with half and got 9 calls back. I have to cut back the number of calls I make at once because I didn’t have time to return the messages yesterday. I got 3 sales and 6 referrals from the 25 calls. It was a busy, fun day. Thanks for showing me how to talk normal to people." P.S. I like to tell everyone which companies people represent because I have a no fear belief program running. We are ALL in this together, and any tips that help anyone are a good thing. The wisdom of the crowd has long been resisted in our industry, because of fear of losing someone to another company. But many people of different companies prefer working together if the rules are set. A growing, vibrant, living example of this can be seen at Network Marketing Central . Over 300 members from 117 different companies, all helping each other and buying from each other, with no fear. What could be better than collaborating together for the good of one and all? About the Author: Kim Klaver is Harvard & Stanford educated. Her 20 years experience in network marketing have resulted in a popular blog,, a podcast, and a giant resource site, and now a new online community for MLMers Article Published On: – Marketing 相关的主题文章: