Tim Burton will bring Miss to Beijing Film Chinese Pei – Sohu released the original entertainment-autobots

Tim Burton will bring "Miss" to the original film Chinese Pei – Pei Sohu released "Miss entertainment fantasy Castle" is released in December 2nd by the Tim Sohu entertainment news Burton’s fantasy adventure film "Pelosi Miss fantasy Castle" will be released in December 2nd, the film side announced in twentieth Century Fuchs, director Tim Burton will determine from November 8th to Chinese Beijing, to participate in the film conference and other related promotional activities. Tim Burton is known as the Hollywood "genius" director, his works unique style, "Edward Scissorhands" "big fish" "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" "science" the strange dog "Alice in Wonderland" is regarded as a classic of fans. "Miss Pei fantasy Castle" is his latest film, cast is very strong, was Butterfield (ASHA "Ande game"), EVA Green ("007 Wars: Casino Royale"), Samuel Jackson ("the Avengers") who starred in. The film was shown in other global markets after two weeks had won the global box office champion. "Miss Pei fantasy Castle" tells the story of Buffett Calder Asha as Jack in the mysterious death of Grandpa, grandpa on the left on another world mysteries clues, open adventure stories. Grandpa said he found a bedtime story in those children: a weight lighter than air "hydrogen female", the lovely Lolita, vigorously ghost twins, invisible man, the girl can manage fire…… The protection of these specific orphans with MS, as a "silver goblin", she can always turned into a bird, she has the ability to control time is over. In order to better protect the help although have super powers but still weak child, Miss Pella and other silver Sergey, using this ability to create a "time circle", this time let her circle and those children living in the May Day cycle. The arrival of Jack also let the dark eyed people followed, eat strange evil eater broke the quiet "land of idyllic beauty". "Miss Pei fantasy Castle" for the children in the "X" in the X-Men have close to variants of human abilities, this movie by foreign media praised as "a fantasy version of X-Men X". Not only that, "Pelosi Miss fantasy Castle" has a similar "X – men: meet time travel story line" in the first battle. "Miss Pei fantasy Castle" adapted from Riggs’s fantasy novel langsam "strange house girl", the novel was published in 2011, immediately caused a global boom and boarded New York Times bestseller list, and continued for several years. In the Tim Burton film, as Tim Burton senior fans of the original author Riggs Latham showed a hitherto unknown excitement. Tim – Burton love the existing site as a movie scene, non artificial scene gives the film is just perfect texture, while in the movie "Miss Perry visited fantasy Castle" shooting the scene, the face has been the transformation of the real director but full of wit and humour castle, Sam’s blue on Tim Burton’s creativity praise although, Tim – Burton on his "strange house" this girl.相关的主题文章: