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News-and-Society It seems like every day you hear stories about kids and adults getting attacked because of having contact with an online predator. Many of these attacks happened without parents even knowing about the situation. Kids today do not make any type of rational decisions and take the right precautions to make their environment safe from these type of predators. For starters, there needs to be some kind of Internet education that you can sit down and talk with your kids about or even a movie that you can watch together to ensure that their informed of what the dangers are. Searching the Internet for scenarios that other parents have been through could help you in explaining these dangers. Their software created today and that is dedicated to Internet safety and luckier firewall down to traffic let you access only. This software could be a little hard at first but if youre diligent and read through help sections and tips to creating a safe environment; it will make it worth it overall. And the software so danced that they can even e-mail or text you when inappropriate behavior is being searched and soul of the programs will even much you shut down the Internet connection from your iPhone or windows enabled phones. Having features available to parents that enable total control will give them the upper hand when it .es to Internet predators and their tactics in luring children and teens into unspeakable acts. These controls include the sending of photos and text messages to outside sources that are not within the realm of your Internet safety software. Also monitoring social networking sites four inappropriate activity or for friend request from individuals who should not be requesting this information. Predators have an ability to find and prey on the unsuspecting in this way. Although it may be sometimes difficult, children need to do their best to ignore rude or harassing .ments that friends and others put on there blog or website in fact, they can set their security settings so that only friends are allowed to post .ments- and even the content can be filtered. Most of all, in order to stay safe online, teens should absolutely never post anything that others might think they can manipulate to get an edge in talking to you; this includes racy photos of yourself or others because it might do the same to them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: