To correct the deviation of the Internet financial innovation at six major areas of remediation-running man 20130908

To correct the deviation of the Internet financial innovation in six areas, to prove safety regulation of reporter Gao Xiang, editor Chen Yu yesterday, the general office of the State Council announced the "Internet financial risk special rectification work plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"). The central bank, the Commission, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Insurance Regulatory Commission and other departments have introduced a number of relevant supporting policies, clear focus on specific rectification. This is jointly launched by the 17 departments of special rectification, the reason behind the Internet is that some of the financial formats deviate from the correct direction of innovation, and produced a bad money to expel good money effect. From 2012 onwards, there have been sporadic P2P platform running events, the risk of continuous accumulation and fermentation, until the outbreak of the incident e rent treasure, seriously disrupting the social and economic order. According to the special rectification goals, rectification work leading group responsible person said, in the short term, this is the specification of various types of Internet financial industry, but in the long run, a move designed to effectively play Internet financial support for public entrepreneurship, innovation of the positive role, to promote the supply side reform, improve financial services inclusive and coverage. Positive significance. "Chaos boxing killed teacher fu." Lu Jin, CO chairman and CEO Ji Kui think this is part of the development process of Chinese saying can Chinese Internet banking a few years ago. He believes that, after a period of rectification, without affecting the industry forward development under the premise of barbaric growth chaos in the Internet financial industry has been effectively curbed. On this basis, the "implementation plan" formally issued, make special rectification work more targeted and practical. The "1+N" training program "implementation plan" is written by April 12th, according to the plan, the provincial government has completed a diagnostic investigation, in November of this year before the end of each department and the provincial government to complete the rectification work to complete their remediation report before the end of January next year, and complete the report before the end of March, the final form of long-term the mechanism of Internet financial regulatory proposals. Implementation plan for the Internet finance special rectification of the lead document, which is 1". 1+N N, the main risks are focused on the Internet in the financial sector, such as the P2P network lending, equity raising, Internet insurance, third party payment, through the Internet to carry out cross-border asset management and financial services, the financial sector engaged in Internet advertising and other six areas. Internet financial risks rectification work leading group responsible person in an interview with reporters, said, should adhere to the problem oriented, focused on six key areas of remediation. — P2P network lending regulation focused on the implementation of the information intermediary position network lending institution, network information intermediary lending institutions prohibited breakthrough functions to carry out set up the pool of funds, protect themselves from the financial loans and other illegal activities. – special emphasis on the field of public offering to raise equity should not be allowed to publicly issue shares, disguised public offering of shares, the illegal operation of securities business requirements. For the Internet insurance sector, the emphasis is on the Internet high cash value of the business, insurance institutions rely on the Internet to carry out cross-border business and illegal operation of Internet insurance D相关的主题文章: