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Alternative I have been waiting for years for a product such as an electronic cigarette (also known as e-cig) to .e out and be clinically and scientifically approved so that I can stop buying real tobacco and switch to this better alternative. Finally, they are here, and I have tried it, and here is the top ten reason why I think all real tobacco smokers out there should switch to electronic cigarette. 1. Its healthier. E-cig contains no tar and carcinogen contained in real tobacco cigarettes. In fact, e-cig has been scientifically proven to not have any cancer-causing agent in their product. Not only that, you will also not harm other around you with your typical "second-hand" smoke. Since e-cig produces water vapor as the smoke replacement, it is not harmful for others to exhale. 2. Its cheaper. You have to buy a starter kit which will cost you $60 and you will get 25 FREE cartridge equal to over 150 real tobacco cigarette. so on this first investment you will lose about $5 because 8 box of marlboro, for example (about 160 real tobacco cigarette) will cost you about $55. However, all you need to do after that is to order cartridges for about a year and a typical order of 25 cartridge will only cost you $25. Meaning, you will save more than half of your spending on cigarette if you switch to e-cig. 3. It doesnt repel others. Did you notice that the lingering cigarette smoke smell repels lots of people? wifes, girlfriends, boyfriends, family members? Well, electronic cigarette will not do the same. In fact, e-cig has no smell whatsoever. You can even lie down beside your wife to sleep right after a nice e-cig smoke and she won’t even notice:) 4. Its available now. We used to give out excuses such as "I am addicted to nicotine so what else can I smoke?" 5 to 10 years ago. But electronic cigarette is available now in a lot of option and flavours. So no more excuses. 5. Its legal to be used indoors. Imagine how annoying is this nowadays that we have to go out of the building just to have a quick smoke after a wonderful meal or you have to go outside so that you can enjoy your favourite glass of wine? Well, you dont have to do that anymore with electronic cigarette. Since it gives off water vapor instead of a real smoke, you can smoke electronic cigarette even in an airplane. 6. Although its not really a "quit-smoking" product, but you sure can quit smoking if you want to with this product. Electronic cigarette .es with 4 different levels of nicotine in their cigarette packages. All you need to do is to progressively order less and less nicotine-level cartridges in your purchases, and sooner than you would imagine you would stop craving for nicotine anymore. 7. Its much cooler. Imagine smoking a black-colored cigarette with a blue lights blinking everytime you drags.. inspiring! 8. You will no longer be supporting those big corporates that are so greedy that they would do anything for increased profits. Watch the movies "Thank you for smoking" and "The Insider" lately? 9. You can now free yourself from being in the group that are paying and subsidising unfair, unjust and always increasing tobacco tax in your country. 10. Last but I am sure is not the least is; electronic cigarette taste the same and feel the same with all the advantages listed above. Some even say it tastes better! Why not switch! With all these .parisons and reasonings, it will be a smarter choice to switch to electronic cigarette. All you need to do now is to read some reviews on several electronic cigarette options out there by checking out my bio section below. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: