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Games From time to time building sets the city became part of the most popular games online. Travian is a game like this. It belongs to a class of massively multiplayer online games that became fashionable throughout the gaming world. Just to get an idea of the magnitude of this is, just think – with the exception of the original German and English are mandatory, the game has translated to over 40 languages, as some remote areas, and Indian Japan to meet the players, 5000000, who played over 300 servers worldwide. It was developed by Travian Games, a German .pany, and became one of the most popular games online and never played. He was appointed at the time of the Romanian Empire, building and the city as a settlement, the establishment of a new Roman. But if each person must be part of the Empire, Romanian, and everyone has the same capacity, and that would just be boring so you can choose between the Greeks, Germans and Romans, each civilization has its advantages and disadvantages which will play as you build your city. The game begins after the establishment of an account. It will take you through the tutorial that will teach you the basics of creating and managing your village. Initially, you will receive a village naked with nothing but a single building – your home, empty lots for the construction of other buildings and parcels a special where you can build farms, mines and factories, wood and other objects in the collection of resources. These resources are extremely important because you will need to develop and grow your village in a big city. They are called resource areas, and you have 18 of them, all in the same base level 0. And every village will have a different set of resources, so you should be cautious about the level of resources available to you, and at what level made by the. Some resources such as iron and food are very important while others such as clay is. But these are just things you do in times of peace, and peace does not last long. You will get immunity for a period of time when you start, but once it wears off, and get ready for a fight. Since resources are distinct, and the other players are always looking to loot your city, you should build your army and defense. And can provide some firewall and you can hide some of the resources so do not get looted. But even with all these restrictions, you’ll find your way to play – prefer to be part of the alliance does not obstruct Or would you prefer a stand-alone and indomitable? This is all about strategy and the efficient use of your resources. Just remember your strengths and weaknesses of civilization – to play on your strengths and learn to .pensate for your weaknesses, you can enjoy this game for too long. Telechargerjeuxpsvitagratuit.blogspot.. and Tlcharger jeux PS Vita Gratuit 相关的主题文章: