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Trump Advisor: after he took office the first thing is to destroy the Obama health care bill – Sohu news Trump economic adviser Andrew Puzder said that the Affordable Care Act (Affordable Care Act) must be abolished, and should be abolished immediately. One of Trump’s first moves to take office after the election was to repeal the Obama health act. Trump economic adviser said that the current health care reform bill can be replaced by other options. At present, there have been medical assistance for low-income people, wealthy groups can purchase their own health insurance, the need for a solution is the working class and the middle class. He said to CNBC, we need a tax cut, for those who do not benefit from the tax cuts, we should return the tax (tax credits). In his view, the Affordable Care Act increased the cost of working class, and deprived consumers of income, because they have to pay premiums. The Obama plan is one of the proposed Obama election platforms of the three major issues in March 2010 was passed by congress. The health care reform is to provide health care for U.S. citizens without health insurance. Bill proposal to limit the American people to buy health insurance, does not allow the insurance company to the insured due to illness and other excuses declinature, or unauthorized premium increases. But the bill has hurt the interests of doctors and insurers as well as the opposition of young and healthy people. People’s Daily reporter pointed out earlier in the observation of the Bill said: in the doctor’s eyes, Obama is in ". His health care reform bill makes it hard for doctors, especially in medicine and surgeons." Because of the new medical reform does not allow the doctor refused to various types of insurance were obtained from the Obama government insurance users in the commercial insurance reimbursement is significantly less than the user, prior to the treatment of the doctor patient insurance business income has shrunk dramatically. Before the bill was introduced, some freelancers, especially young people, did not buy health insurance. Obama health care reform bill requires everyone to be insured, or face fines. So many people think that this is tantamount to forced young and in good health for the elderly and infirm pay. Forced all insured, those who can not afford to buy insurance to do? Government money. Where do the government money come from? In the long run. Obama health care reform bill not only to raise taxes on insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment manufacturers, but also to raise taxes on families of more than $250 thousand in annual revenues of more than $200 thousand in personal income or. It makes the rich pay for the poor. But why do the big unions of workers complain? In the United States, only the workers in the large industry can form a right to speak of the trade unions, they negotiate with insurance companies, the discount is much better than the small Union and no union of freelancers. Obama’s health care reform will mean the cost of health care, which means that the company’s insurance premiums rise. It makes workers in a strong group for vulnerable groups to pay. The middle class discontent, the unemployed also do not buy it. The new act obliges employers to pay medical insurance for full-time employees. Therefore, firms are more reluctant to hire, or even reduce employee layoffs.相关的主题文章: