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"Twelve Feng taste" Nicholas Tse becomes the second brother and Donnie Yen than many Daogong – Sohu entertainment Nicholas Tse second "fan brother" Sohu of Zhejiang satellite TV variety entertainment news delicacy "Twelve Feng taste 3" fifth tonight will be broadcast on Zhejiang tv. Donnie Yen gave the first variety show was "many younger brother" Nicholas Tse pulled the car, but Yuen Wo Ping suddenly appeared Feng restaurant with Martial Arts Junior, launched a gluttonous feast under the glint and flash of cold steel. The Sohu video every Saturday 23:30 whole network Premiere "Twelve Feng taste".     "many brother" Nicholas Tse Donnie Yen when the driver: "October besieged city" only to find the delicacy read "October besieged city" will not forget the smile of simple pullers "a four", also forget that Wu Yi Shen Zhongyang will not die hard strength. In this film, Nicholas Tse and Donnie Yen to a rival show, but aired on Saturday in the "3" front flavor, Nicholas Tse gave Donnie Yen as a "driver". "Dan elder brother, say I" in October besieged city "did not give you pull a car ah," we do not even play it!" In such a funny dialogue, Nicholas Tse Donnie Yen will pull the rickshaw on the mountain for the famous local delicacy of plain water "kyoto". Although Donnie Yen has repeatedly said, "many" feel shy "brother" Nicholas Tse insisted on when the driver to Donnie Yen. Unfortunately, only halfway into the "driver" Nicholas Tse was tired, Donnie Yen had himself down the cart, constructed a pair of two wonders of "push" and "pull" a rickshaw uphill. And with the help of Dan brother cart, ran in front of Nicholas Tse can not help but sigh!" It was a little bit full of laughter. In the face of the other guests at ease, Nicholas Tse is in front of Donnie Yen turned up a second "lost brother". Just met Donnie Yen boast "muscle too strong, as long as the lotus hand then said" I have seen the weapon for brother Dan the best looking person." Thick fans simply can not resist. On the road in search of inspiration delicacy of Kyoto, Nicholas Tse took on the martial arts master Donnie Yen’s admiration, together with Donnie Yen forging sword, even Exhibition "Daogong" competition, the road and the road of the blending of Kung Fu delicacy, is overwhelmed with admiration for. Yuen Wo Ping surprise appearance front restaurant with martial arts dream movie "Huang Feihong", "the matrix" and "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon"…… The name Yuen Wo Ping may seem strange for the general audience, but martial arts shot he made under the guidance of it has been recorded in the world film history. When Yuen Wo Ping walked into the front dressed plain taste restaurant, a house of martial arts is almost a amazing sound, Donnie Yen is called "I am the master to!". The invitation to Yuen Wo Ping and many kung fu master came to the front taste restaurant, naturally, with his great respect for the kung fu film workers on the other hand, Nicholas Tse. Nicholas Tse said "I believe there is not an industry like martial arts, you know you will be hurt, you still have to do." It is human Chinese Kung Fu such a scarred laid the prestige in the world. During the meeting, Yuen Wo Ping praised Nicholas Tse "martial arts film shoot side dishes also seriously, do well, Martial Arts Heritage enjoy all depend on him".相关的主题文章: