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Two-child policy to Yuesao price, doctors in health maternity hospital as open Sohu maternal two-child policy a year, although the policy has been implemented, users have said that now the pressure of life, even if the State supports a second child, ordinary families may not have the basic support of two children. But as more and more family time plan child, especially recently, the second boom has appeared, this point has been confirmed in Jilin Guojian Gynaecological Hospital. Not only the hospital busy, Yuesao more busy, and even the price of gold. According to the Jilin Guojian Gynaecological Hospital medical doctors, more and more families after the child was born, will choose the professional staff of maternal and child care service, which makes Yuesao, nursing division and other short. Yuesao and nursery teacher charges in the past few years more and more high. Along with the national two-child policy liberalization, the future demand for infants and pregnant service practitioners will increase year by year, fees will rise. Wuxing Yuesao costs 12800 yuan 80 ms. Zhang, the state health maternity hospital a son in September this year, just a month soon she told the doctor, from May she began to contact Yuesao, but because the appointment counterparts, not a very good reputation please yuesao. Then, she through the maternal housekeeping service company, hired a 5 star Yuesao, the cost is 12800 yuan. Ms. Zhang said, the main pipe Yuesao maternal and baby, baby for bathing, feeding, washing, washing, nursing, for pregnant women to do a month of meals and laundry. In general, the five-star Yuesao price is more than 10 thousand, four in about 8000, Samsung costs about 6600. If you go to the field Yuesao service, but also increase the fees. "The more expensive the more popular Yuesao nursery teacher Ms. Zhang said, now the city family children did not please Yuesao, and the higher the hot star, Samsung Yuesao, please you less. "Please don’t have to please you, I know the money please two months, Yuesao higher than our two couples wages, but they look good, must be professional, please." This point in the state health obstetric doctors received confirmation, Dr. Liu said, the state health maternity hospital baby basic family will please Yuesao to take care of the baby, the price sounds are staggering. Nursery fees high someone happy people worry Yuesao and nursery fees higher than your salary? Would you please Yuesao? There are different views in the production of health maternity hospital family. 70 after the call said, the past is the elderly help to wait the month with children, now Yuesao fees so high, indeed beyond the scope of his ability, he said xinweitu inadequate, therefore, future plans will not be considered to have a second child. 80 ms. Lu said, "you have a friend introduced black please Yuesao, but I think the formal institution training certificate, health certificate and proof of identity or some rest assured, no one in the child, how could not please nursery teacher? I think Yuesao and nursery teacher I will please on stage, and please have a good point, learn about others experience, so when the second child I have more experience." Jilin Guojian Gynaecological Hospital health care doctors remind prospective parents and new.相关的主题文章: