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"Two children" by Beijing hospital obstetric filing difficult traffickers Beijing Astronomical cable – Peking University People’s Hospital posted "notice filing quota is full. Original title: "two children" era of big hospital obstetric filing difficult continues to appear this year is "the first year of a comprehensive two children" after the opening, on the year of the monkey. Previously, Beijing Wei Planning Commission had predicted that this year, Beijing is expected to usher in 300 thousand monkey baby, a record high birth rate. This year has been more than half of the current major hospitals in Beijing, the situation of Obstetrics and gynecology? Even Japan, JINGWAH Times reporter visited the Beijing part of the hospital, general hospital, two hospitals that many hospitals continue filing difficult. For many people, hanging obstetrics, take up outside a small bench, still did not grab the source; many pregnant women in Beijing under the helpless can only choose to go to the hospital in Hebei production. At the same time, in Beijing this year, a heavy crackdown traffickers in the background, there are still many popular maternity hospital traffickers, and even out of the million filing fee. – visit next year in April before the pre production filing is full it is understood that the "file" is a sign of the hospital receiving pregnant women, built in its means usually check and maternity beds are guaranteed. August 25th morning, the reporters came to understand the situation of pregnant women filing in Peking University People’s Hospital. Before the hospital obstetrics and gynecology clinic, the reporter saw the hall packed with people come to see a doctor, registered person. Come to the hospital for production inspection Ms. fan told reporters that she is pregnant in January this year, the due date is October. When the child is 6 weeks, had to be seized in the hospital, when the doctor told her 8 to 12 weeks to file, but until the child is 8 weeks, she came and found has been built not on file. "Later, I went to the Chaoyang hospital consultation, informed of the filing number is full, it is home to a nearby two hospitals built archives." Ms. Fan said, this is in the filing of the hospital to check out a problem to do a review of the people’s Hospital of Peking university. Wait for the VIP Clinic at Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital for many pregnant women. Reporters noted that the notice of the hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology hall posted: "before April 20, 2017 due date of filing the quota is full." January 28, 2017 is the Lunar New Year (chicken) spring festival. According to the projections of expected date calculator, if the last menstrual period in April 23rd, then the expected date is January 28th (Spring Festival); if the last menstrual period is July 14th, so the date is in April 20th, that is to say, the last menstrual period before July 14th pregnant women, have been built in the people’s Hospital of Peking University on archives. Subsequently, the reporter went to the No.3 Hospital of Beijing University, Jishuitan branch Huilongguan, Beijing Chui Yang Liu Hospital and many other hospitals, found the expected date for the April next year before filing the quota is full. 1 in the morning queuing also did not grab the number as a comprehensive national well-known hospital, Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital has been the women of childbearing age prenatal baby selection. August 25th afternoon, the reporter went to the Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Hospital of Eastern hospital visits found that the source to the end of September booked. In addition, a layer of maternity clinic before the notice posted: "due to the limited obstetric beds, 2 sets of pre delivery相关的主题文章: