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Two for one partner accounts fratricide stabbed by a knife on Sichuan man Hemou accounts and Ma for the business of enemies, Hemou knife stabbed ma. Yesterday, reporters from the Zhongxiang Municipal Public Security Bureau Ying in the police station was informed that the current Ma has been out of danger, is Ma disability forensic identification. According to police investigators, Hemou 41 years old, Ma 39 years old, two people are Sichuan, Pengzhou city people. In 2013, the two partners opened a hot pot city in Yunnan, and Ma was responsible for purchasing. Last October, Ma and Hemou introduced by a friend of Zhongxiang, invested more than 80 yuan in Zhongxiang City, opened a large hotpot city. At 11:40 on August 30th this year, Hemou in Zhongxiang hot pot city two floor dormitory asked Ma to provide Yunnan hot pot city shopping account access, was rejected by ma. Then, the two had a heated argument and blows, Hemou knife horse left rib stabbed, and rushed to the hospital. Until yesterday, Ma from the hospital intensive care unit transferred to the general ward observation and treatment. At present, the degree of disability is under appraisal. After the incident, he realized their own fault, active in the police station to surrender ying. After interrogation, Hemou confessed to the illegal facts. At present, Hemou has been under criminal detention, the case is under further processing. Scan code "big Chu Jingmen", see more wonderful content!

两合伙人为账目同室操戈 一人被刀捅伤入院四川籍男子何某与马某为生意上账目反目,何某持刀将马某捅伤。昨日,记者从钟祥市公安局郢中派出所获悉,目前马某已脱离生命危险,法医正对马某伤残程度做鉴定。据办案民警介绍,何某41岁,马某39岁,两人都是四川彭州市人。2013年,两人合伙在云南开了一家火锅城,马某负责采购。去年10月,马某和何某经一钟祥朋友介绍,到钟祥城区投资80余万元开了一家大型火锅城。今年8月30日11时40分,何某在钟祥火锅城二楼宿舍要求马某提供云南火锅城的购物账目查阅,遭到马某拒绝。随即,两人发生激烈争吵并互殴,何某持刀将马某的左肋处捅伤,后送往医院抢救。直至昨日,马某才从医院重症监护室转到普通病房观察治疗。目前,马某的伤残程度正在鉴定中。案发后,何某认识到自身过错,主动到郢中派出所投案。经审讯,何某对其违法事实供认不讳。目前,何某已被刑事拘留,案件正在进一步办理之中。 扫码“大楚荆门”,查看更多精彩内容!相关的主题文章: