Two leaders of Cyprus expressed confidence to reach a unified agreement tonya mitchell

The two Cypriot leaders expressed confidence to reach a unified agreement on 14 September, Xinhua news agency, Nicosia (reporter Zhang Zhang) UN Secretary General’s special adviser on Cyprus ed Espen said in Nicosia on 14 may, although there are still differences on some important issues, but the Greek Cypriots and Turkey two leaders have confidence in this year is unified to negotiate protocol. The president of Cyprus, the Greek leader A Nastar Natsu G J and Turkey leaders Akon plug for this stage of the day and eight meetings in the last time. Ed said in a statement after the talks, the two leaders are clearly aware of the challenges they face in the next few months, they promised to redouble their efforts to reach a comprehensive agreement on the issue of unity within this year. Ed said that the two sides have made great progress in the issue of power distribution, economic and other issues, but there are still big differences in security, security and territorial issues". He said that the two leaders are expected to go to New York this month, the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon held talks with the United Nations in the hope that the latter can play a more important role in the negotiations on the Cyprus issue. When asked whether to reach an agreement within a year is optimistic, A Nastar Natsu G J said, if the other party can show as we understand them to understand our security concerns, so I will be optimistic. He said that at present, many important issues still have not made substantial progress, there is no need to hold a multilateral meeting on the Cyprus issue. Turkey foreign minister cavusoglu August 31st visit in Turkey area Saibei family said that Turkey will continue for the negotiations aimed at resolving the Cyprus problem to provide support. He said that the parties can reach an agreement on the issue of the five party meeting. The five parties include Cyprus,, Greece and Turkey, the Three Guarantees, and Greece and Turkey. In 1960, Cyprus declared independence from British colonial rule, and determined by the United Kingdom, Greece and Turkey to ensure the independence and security of cyprus. In July 1974, the Greek Cypriot National Guard officers instigated a military coup in Cyprus and Greece, forcing the merge process. Turkey intervened to protect local minority residents grounds, and took control of the northern region accounts for about 1/3 of the island. In 1983, Tu announced the establishment of the "Northern Cyprus Republic of Turkey", but only a country recognized Turkey. The United Nations Peacekeeping Force stationed in the island of long-term and repeated mediation, the two families of rare earth leaders unification talks. Cyprus has also become a major obstacle to Turkey’s entry into the European union. (end) editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: