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U.S. auto sales in October! Also patriotic! Luxury cars love Mercedes benz! Auto – Sohu have to say the United States the achievements of Lexus and Acura, Infiniti this three Japanese luxury brand, with more people will love their sales and domestic compared to then come up with some big names. This is not the United States that the October sales figures out, we talk about sales. This is the October 2016 United States fresh car sales charts, the mystery at a glance! In fact, a Yankee is patriotic, even if TOYOTA had the American automobile reliability ranking most position, two brands Ford and Chevrolet sales in October but is still not as good as the United States, not to say that Americans understand the car? Why Americans favored two brands in the country do not like how? Followed by the Japanese three, in fact, and as they Chinese three brothers although the focus is high but it is still difficult to sales of the first in the United States, the pressure on their heads of Chevrolet and Ford, and in the mass is Chinese! But from the data to see China’s favorite public, Americans do not pay! Two, Lexus? You almost have a mercedes! As long as the speaking of Lexus, a keyboard God always said this: "if the United States is Lexus’s sales, American favorite is Lexus, the domestic people do not understand the car only know to buy Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi and so on. Look at the October rankings, in fact, the American favorite luxury cars and people like Mercedes benz. As another German luxury brand BMW is closely followed by Lexus back in terms of volume is equal. Three, Audi general summon wind and call for rain another German luxury brand Audi seems to be in the United States is not so good treatment in the United States, the Mercedes Benz in the mouth of the great God, and BMW also disdain and Audi play. Although Audi is not sold in the United States, but in China, but it is the first luxury brand sales ah, China, the world! (maybe next year Mercedes Benz is over). Four, the other two Japanese luxury brand Audi has not sold well in China to have been eager to eulogize the hot car city in a piece of pipe please backyard, in the United States is not to say that the God of domestic Acura sell well? Even Audi are selling but also sales over the same period last year fell 20 points, so my brother! Infiniti is not where to go, yet despite the Acura good growth, but not enough to see these subtle growth. Summary: from the point of view of ordinary brands, Americans are patriotic, from the luxury car sales point of view, Americans and Chinese people like BBA. While the three major Japanese luxury brand Lexus outshines. Buy a car car, answer attention WeChat public number: my car on a small series have been lined up, waiting for you!相关的主题文章: