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U.S. defense response to North Korea’s threat: the USFK for tonight and original title: Meifang Zhang said: the U.S. is prepared to respond to North Korea threat "tonight war" data figure: U.S. Secretary of defense Carter. Xinhua News Agency reporter Jiao Min Photo Reference News Network reported on September 23rd Korean media said 19 days, the United States Secretary of defense for the North Korean nuclear and missile threat issued or will cross the diplomatic efforts to take military measures the level of speech within the United States, "no longer sit still" sense of crisis is spreading. According to South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo" website reported on September 22nd, the United States Secretary of defense Ashton · Carter said local time 19 days at the Hoover Institute in Washington to answer questions about the North Korean threat: "the USFK’s slogan is" fight tonight "(tonight war). Not to do that, but to do that." Carter said "tonight the war" slogan also said: "(the United States has) ready, USFK has strong and powerful allies, South Korea has become increasingly strong, and strong allies of Japan, but unfortunately the current diplomatic status dim. The United States has been trying to get Russia, China and other countries on the path to change the situation, but these countries do not seem to work in that direction. Missile defense is a difficult task, and the United States will not accept North Korea as a major nuclear threat like russia." The day Carter also mentioned several times as defense minister in the nuclear crisis in 90s the beginning of the William · Perry. William · 1993 -1994 in the Korean Peninsula at the time of the nuclear crisis when he was appointed Deputy Minister of defense of the Ministry of the direction of the instructions of the Carter, to develop a pre emptive strike plan, the edge of the attack plan, the plan for the attack on the". Two people in 2006 for the North Korean nuclear facilities have advocated "precision strike". U.S. strategic command John Hou Ren · Hai Teng 20 participated in the Senate Armed Services Committee approved the hearing, he said: "the most likely threat and the most worrying is that North korea." He also pointed out that although North Korea’s nuclear and missile technology has not reached the same level as Russia and China, but the problem is the unpredictable North Korea and its continued development of the u.s.. Asked when North Korea will complete the intercontinental ballistic missile carrying nuclear warheads (ICBM), Hiton said: "it is only a matter of time, will eventually be completed." He also said that the North Korean nuclear and missile development issues as a priority issue". Reported that 9 North Korea conducted a nuclear test after the fifth, the U.S. diplomatic community has already mentioned the sound of military measures against North korea". Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff in the early days of the Obama administration’s Michael · Mullen discussed 16 days in the United States diplomatic Association hosted the meeting said: "North Korea’s ability to attack the United States, if in fact constitute a threat to the United States (US) from the defense level of North Korea for a pre emptive strike is possible." Source: Reference News Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: