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U.S. media: Castro’s death is "since the end of an era" – International – people.com.cn major U.S. media have made headlines on Saturday morning Fidel? The news of Castro’s death, update the Thanksgiving weekend news coverage, the life of Castro Fidel?. Reported that Fidel, "let the 11 presidents of the United States have a headache," and his death seems to be an end to a period of time for the. Fidel? Castro is the world’s leading anti American fighters, in 1959 he led the people to overthrow the Cuban pro american dictatorship, established a regime of socialist revolution, then the opposition, more than half a century of confrontation with the United States, until July 2015, the two countries formally restored diplomatic relations. In the eyes of most Americans, the death of Fidel, Castro, means "the end of an era."". President Obama is one of the key players to thaw the beauty of the relationship, the normalization of the relationship between beauty is the eight year ruling a large political legacy, so for him, Fidel? Has a special significance for Castro’s death. President Obama expressed his condolences to the Cuban people, and said he would continue to work for the normalization of relations between the two countries. Obama said in a statement: "today, we express our condolences to the Castro family, we are mindful of the Cuban people and pray for them." Obama says history will record and judge Fidel’s influence on the world by Castro. He said: "when I was president, we are committed to bid farewell to the past, the pursuit of the future. In the future, the relationship between our two countries is not by our differences, but by our neighbors and friends to share as many affairs to define, these include family, culture, business and common humanity." (reporter Wang Chuanjun) (commissioning editor: Cheng Xiaoxia (Intern), Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: