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The report said China China agents to steal the battle plan China’s response to foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang held a regular press conference, the Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Kazakhstan Prime Minister Genbe Kopf Lisa Aliyev, Jinta Prime Minister of the Republic of Latvia Kucinskis, Russian Federation Prime Minister Medvedev invitation, Premier Li Keqiang will be held on November 2nd to 9 official visit to Kyrgyzstan and attend the held in Bishkek, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Member States heads of government (the prime minister) the fifteenth meeting of the Council, an official visit to Kazakhstan and Kazakhstan held in Astana to attend the third regular meeting of prime ministers, an official visit to Latvia and attend the Riga held fifth China – national leaders meeting in Eastern Europe, to Russia Formal visit and attend the twenty-first regular meeting between Chinese and Russian Prime Ministers in St Petersburg. In order to make a better understanding about the situation of prime minister Li Keqiang’s visit, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on October 31st (Monday) morning 8:30 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office of blue and foreign media briefing held the Ministry of foreign affairs, please relevant person in charge of the relevant circumstances of Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to the foreign reporters and answered questions. Welcome everyone to participate in. Two, the government of Russian Federation Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin, Deputy Prime Minister of Republic of Turkey’s Xie Ke invited Wang Yang, vice premier of the State Council will be held on November 1st to 5 in Russia held a regular meeting with Russian Prime Minister twentieth meeting, Committee visited Turkey and held bilateral cooperation committee deputy general mechanism between the government and the first meeting. Q: according to reports, the German government decided to review the China company intends to acquire German lighting enterprises Lang de Vance (Ledvance). Prior to this, the German government has withdrawn the Chinese companies on German semiconductor equipment manufacturer Ace strong (Aixtron) M & a license. Reported that this is because the U.S. intelligence agencies put forward safety warning to Germany, worried about Chinese love strong chips used for nuclear project, leading to the German attitude change. What is China’s comment on this? A: for a long time, the economic and trade cooperation between China and Germany in the principle of mutual benefit and win-win, has brought tangible benefits to both sides. The evaluation between the two companies in the principle of commercial normal investment behavior, if the third party forces for various interests to interference, perhaps contrary to Sino German Trade and investment cooperation intention, is not conducive to the enterprises of the two countries and the interests of the people. We note that many recent media are very concerned about some of the policy adjustments in germany. Some critics believe that the opening of Germany enjoyed a lot of benefits, and government intervention will have a negative impact on the German economy and investment environment. As we have said before, the Chinese government has always encouraged Chinese enterprises to carry out foreign investment cooperation on the basis of local laws, in accordance with market principles and international rules. We also hope that the relevant countries can provide a fair environment for Chinese enterprises to invest in the local environment. Q: 27, the UN General Assembly voted to accelerate the development of a resolution on the prohibition of nuclear weapons treaty resolution. Can you give us an explanation of why China abstained from voting, not for or against 7相关的主题文章: