Uber old driver self application, the end of the car market in order to end Uber hegemony ghost observer

Uber old driver self application, for the end of Uber in the network about the car market hegemony [editor’s note] foreign media technology Tencent, according to a new report, Uber paid the driver: not much money from the company to provide data and leaked documents, in Detroit, Houston and Denver, this is the city. "After deducting expenses, the average income Uber driver for $13.25 per hour (about 90 yuan), and every year they cost about $3000. This does not mean that drivers return to traditional taxi companies will work better. Uber shift the cost of the practice, nothing more than the traditional taxi industry exploitation of the behavior of the digital. Although it is useful for some traditional subversion drivers, but Uber drivers still bear the high cost and risk. However, the possibility of continuing subversion still exists. Car drivers usually have their own vehicles, so in theory, they can enter the car market. Abandon Uber kind of exploitative practices, using the same technology, adopt the cooperative model, let the driver becomes the master, then the network about the car market will become more democratic, more close to the "sharing economy" of the mind. This application will take about the car network cooperative mode, with industry giants Uber and Lyft competition. Silicon Valley’s darling may really be subverted by them. Uber driver damage to the interests of the Uber platform technology has always changed the way people travel, but the company is able to make a lot of money, and it may be possible to avoid regulation and transfer costs by means of inseparable. Moreover, Uber did not share its success with the driver. Uber has repeatedly stressed that it has a positive impact on part-time drivers, but the company relies on full-time drivers to take the majority of passengers. 30% of Uber drivers work more than 30 hours a week. But a survey by Harry ·, Campbell (Harry), a driver and blogger, shows that the full time drivers of the Uber platform take about half of all the time they spend on the platform. Due to the lower fare rates, Uber drivers to reach 2013 of the income level, the time required to drive nearly doubled. Part time drivers account for about half of the total number of Uber drivers, driving down the income of full-time drivers. Because this job is not too much impact on the lives of part-time drivers, so they do not have much enthusiasm to ask Uber to provide better income and benefits. Full time drivers have teamed up to demand better conditions for Uber. In February, hundreds of people gathered in front of Uber’s headquarters in New York to protest the 15% price cuts, saying it undermines the interests of drivers. The post interviewed a protest driver who said he worked 16 hours a day, and even worked for another hour or so a few days ago, the New York post. Hamm Damore J Farrow g · (Farroukh Khamdamov) is one of the leader of the group, he first joined Uber, is to spare time to earn money, but with the fare fee!相关的主题文章: