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"Several criteria" the political life of the party under the new situation to publish the full text of the original title: on the political life of the party under the new situation of several criteria to Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 2 November, (by October 27, 2016 Chinese eighteenth CPC Central Committee sixth plenary meeting) run in China, the key lies in the party, the party to manage the party strictly the party. The party must be from the political life of the party tube, must be strictly from the political life of the party from the strict. It is our party’s fine tradition and political advantage to carry out the serious political life inside the party. In the long-term practice, our party adhere to carry out the party’s political life seriously as an important task of the party construction task, formed a realistic, theory and practice, in close contact with the masses, criticism and self-criticism, democratic centralism, strict party discipline and party political life as the main content of the basic norms for the consolidation of the party the unity and centralization, maintain the party’s advanced nature and purity, enhance the party’s vitality and has accumulated rich experience, in order to ensure the completion of the party in the period of each task center played an important role. In 1980 the fifth Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee, the party’s profound summary of historical experience especially learned from the "Cultural Revolution", formulated the "guiding principles" on the political life of the party, to recover and improve, bring order out of chaos the political life of the party, promote the party construction play an important role, its main principles and rules still apply today, will continue to adhere to. Under the new situation, the party’s political life is generally good. At the same time, a period of time, also appeared in the political life of the party some prominent problems, mainly in: some party members and cadres, including senior cadres, no firm ideals and beliefs, party loyalty, discipline and the masses, autocratic, lazy, not to resort to deceit, individualism, decentralization, freedom good doctrine, doctrine, sectarianism, sectarianism, money worship in different degree, formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism and wasteful problems, cronyism, official positions, buying and selling, canvassing bribery election phenomenon repeated, the phenomenon of abuse of power, corruption, corruption, lawlessness and other breeds. Especially senior cadres in a handful of people, in order to engage in political ambitions, double face, round, interest, gangs of cliques, seek power political conspiracy. These problems have seriously eroded the ideological and moral foundation of the party, severely damaged the party’s unity and centralized unity, seriously damaged the party’s political ecology and the party’s image, and seriously affected the development of the party and the people’s cause. This requires that we must continue to strengthen the party’s construction with the spirit of reform and innovation, strengthen and standardize the party’s political life, and comprehensively improve the scientific level of Party building. Of the party since eighteen, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the practice, first, firmly push forward the comprehensive strictly, adhere to the combination of ideological construction and the party system, centralized rectification party, severely punish corruption, purify the party political environment, the political life of the party to show the new weather, won the party and the people, provided an important guarantee for the create a new situation in the cause of the party and state. Historical experience shows that our party as Marx’s party, must take politics seriously.相关的主题文章: