Unexpected surge of fear has come to an end of the short of the currency of the opportunity to come yuanmu

Unexpected surge of fear has come to an end of the short of the currency of the opportunity to come? The news Wednesday (August 24th) with the GBP / USD rose through 1.32, hit three week high of 1.3271. In the recent UK economic data show that in the back in Europe after the referendum showed unexpected strength after speculators cut short sterling. GBPUSD hourly chart trend ended in August 16th when the week, hit 94238 pounds short export record high, traders said, many speculators bet and currently in the lift lock in profits. The pound dollar so far this week rose 1.3% rose 1.2%, a continuation of last week’s rise, affected by the recent good economic data support. Data show that in August the UK manufacturing export orders hit a two-year peak in. Last week’s July inflation and retail sales data are also more than expected, which further shows that consumers in the United Kingdom in June after the withdrawal of the referendum has not been tightened spending. "After the referendum released strong performance data, the interest rate market has been sharply digest monetary easing, and the weakening dollar, the pound is expected to rise to $1.3450," Morgan Stanley currencies director of strategy Hans Redeker said, "seems to have played a devaluation of sterling exchange rate to attract foreign capital into sterling assets effect." For the Bank of England will further relax the policy is expected to fall, the market is currently only 50% of the central bank in November meeting is expected to cut interest rates by 15 basis points." Holland International Group (ING) foreign exchange strategist Viraj Patel said. However, this round of sterling rose did not reflect the United Kingdom after the referendum, July gross domestic product has shrunk by 0.2%. Analysts said that in the next few months with the macro environment recovery, the pound will eventually return to decline. Societe Generale strategist Kit Juckes pointed out that the short squeeze triggered a rebound in the pound almost completed, is currently starting to start short sterling pounds a good time. The Bank of England is expected to further relax the policy, at least, the media seems to be somewhat complacent about the economy, but did not change the reasons for long-term goals 1.20-1.25. Juckes said that in this short is reasonable, as a whole is a good time to re build the dollar multi warehouse. SG from 1.3575 short Sterling dollar target at 1.25. For the dollar yen, SG that investors need to be patient, will do more in the exchange rate fell below 100 yen. Foreign financial website Seekingalpha also wrote that the pound soared yesterday, mainly due to the UK August manufacturing export orders reached a two-year high, but the last week of July inflation and retail sales also exceeded expectations, which further shows that consumers in the UK in June back in Europe after the referendum has not yet been tightened spending. Of course, if the pound is only due to the rise of these data, then investors will grasp the opportunity to high altitude. Stocks lost how to do? Look here, whether you fry A shares, stocks, gold or foreign exchange, where you can get the most accurate investment information. WeChat public concern [Wall Street intelligence] (micro signal: iMarkets);相关的主题文章: