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United Nations Expert: Syria humanitarian aid convoy destroyed by air strikes in Syria local time on October 4, 2016, Aleppo, Russian warplanes carried out air strikes against Aleppo in a residential area. Figure IC according to an expert agency East Xinhua news agency, the United Nations said on the 5, on the basis of satellite images, September 19th in Syria attacked a UN humanitarian aid convoy destroyed by air strikes. That caused serious casualties of the raid turning into a Rashomon event: the United States identified by the Russian air launched, Russia denies. The application of satellite project conclusion United Nations Expert Lars · from the crater; Bromley held in the Swiss press conference in Geneva, said: "we have a picture of the incident, can clearly see the damage. Based on our analysis, we determined that it was an air raid." Bromley said, according to the analysis, "almost certainly", the scene of the crater is the formation of aircraft carrying ammunition after the explosion, and not due to ground artillery shells exploded. The United Nations and the Syria Red Crescent society jointly organized the aid convoys attacked located in Syria near Aleppo, 31 trucks in 18 destroyed, a warehouse and a clinic are damaged, killed about 20 people. The United States identified Russian warplanes launched air strikes rebels in Syria identified the responsible party for the Russian army or the government of Syria; the government of Syria and Russia have denied. At this stage, the United Nations statement on the incident is the attack, there is no clear and specific way. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said last week that he would form a United Nations mission. United Nations satellite application program uses commercial satellite images. The agency in charge of Einar · biyogo said, if the investigation personnel request analysis report will provide his agency. "We remain neutral and politically motivated. We only state the facts, "said biyogo. Russia insisted not recognized on the same day, Russia’s "satellite" news agency reported that an independent team of experts to determine, 19 of the incident is a forgery attack. The international Syria support group". They conclude: "what we see is a carefully planned or ‘forged’ attack." The photo analysis released to the media, they proposed many doubts, such as a truck cab intact, only cargo damage; other damaged truck, the hole edge covered with rust; the damage is not caused by air strikes. They also analyzed the crater, thought it suspicious". In addition, they watched a video taken by the Russian drone flying along with the team and found "a trailer carrying a large caliber mortar". The report said that the incident area belongs to the extremist organization conquer front control area, the organization launched a large-scale attack on the day of the incident. The "conquest front" is the former "support front", the United States and Russia have set it as a terrorist organization. Satellite news agency quoted a diplomat as saying that the United States has seen the report, but do not agree with the views inside. Russian Defense Ministry said earlier.相关的主题文章: