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Family Doctors Are With You At Every Stage Of Life Posted By: Shirley G. Dudley This is how important family doctors are. National health care search firms found that family physicians are the most highly recruited doctors in U.S. health care for the ninth year in a row. The family doctor cares for people in all stages of life – small children in need of pediatric care, older children in the midst of puberty, expectant mothers hoping for the safest delivery and the healthiest possible baby, middle-aged men and women at risk of diabetes or heart disease, and the elderly with their own set of health concerns. There are times when you will want the care of a specialist in pediatrics or geriatrics, but when the whole family is sick with the flu, the family doctor is the one you call on. As the doctor watches patients grow, change and age, he or she becomes intimately familiar with their unique medical situations. Family doctors should have time for their patients. A general practitioner who sees as many patients as possible has only a little time and attention to spare for any of them.
Family doctors Ways To Improve The Life Of Rescue Dogs Posted By: Gloria Philips You will find homeless dogs virtually everywhere. There are plenty of dogs available which are left without having a home and become displaced in a shelter for a number of reasons that shelters are a wonderful first spot to volunteer your time and effort. In case you are seriously considering helping any one of these homeless dogs but aren’t sure how to proceed, the simplest way to enhance the lives of the shelter dogs would be to adopt one. Giving any one of these dogs a great house is the most crucial thing that can be done. However, if adopting a pet dog is simply not an alternative for you personally at this time, there are a number of other things that can be done to assist better the lives of numerous shelter dogs. Here are seven suggestions to bear in mind if you are considering accomplishing this. 1. First, go to your local animal shelter and spend just as much time as possible using the dogs. Donating a few of your time and effort to merely chill and have fun with these canine residents can create a big difference within their lives.
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Destination wedding photographer Is Aluminium Foil Safe To Use? Posted By: Anshu PanDe It just seems like yesterday when I was a little girl and my mom would pack a parantha in a tea towel and send it with me to my school for lunch. I loved the way the lunch was packed which never spilled a drop of oil and never messed my school bag. The years saw a new trend approaching. The tea towels were replaced by Aluminium Foil, as it was believed to keep the food warm,fresh and avert any spillage.Of course we as a kid loved it, not that it mattered to us but we could crush the aluminum foil into a ball after finishing our lunch and play recklessly in the break. Unfortunately playing with it was the only legitimate and safe use of Aluminium foil. Now when I look back I realise how limited was our knowledge. We were unaware as to how unsafe it is to wrap the food with aluminium foil specially when it is hot. A study showed that increasing level of aluminium in our food and life leads of brain and bone damage.

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Dog boarding Importance Of A Primary Care Physician Posted By: Helen Phillips Cockrell Your primary care physician is, or should be, like a member of your extended family – not seen every day, but trusted absolutely and a reassuring presence when seen. While specialists can deal with specific health problems you may suffer from, a primary care physician can consider all aspects of the total state of your health. Not only does a primary care physician deal with common illnesses and injuries, but in cases where a specialist is needed, he or she can coordinate patient care and determine what sort of specialist the situation calls for. A primary care physician also keeps track of the health of patients on a year by year basis, spotting the early signs of heart disease, diabetes or other dangerous long-term health issues. And the demand for primary care physicians increasingly exceeds the supply. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, by 2025 the United States will need 12,000 to 31,000 more primary care physicians than it has. If you do not already have one, the best time to start looking for one is now. A primary care physician should work at a facility that offers the widest possible range of services.
Primary care physician Advantages Of Subscription Medicine Posted By: Shirley G. Dudley The subscription membership practice is a growing trend in the American medical marketplace. In it, patients are given premium care in exchange for a recurring membership fee. This has many advantages for patients. It eliminates the long stays in waiting rooms that can result in half a day or a full day of absence from work just to get a ten-minute visit with the actual doctor. The inconvenience of such long visits is one thing that drives many people to put off regular check-ups and other forms of preventative care, which can lead to greater health risks and medical expenses as untreated small problems grow into larger ones. By contrast, in a subscription membership practice patients quickly see their doctor and can spend more time with the actual visit while spending less time in the hospital as a whole. This makes preventative care easier to practice and helps keep patients healthier. It also means the doctor has a smaller number of patients to keep track of, and is able to give each of them the attention they deserve. No longer just for the very rich, subscription medicine is bringing quality primary care within reach of ordinary families.
Subscription membership practice 24/7 Doctors In Matthews, Nc For All Medical Needs Posted By: Shirley G. Dudley A doctor on call is a practitioner who is available for medical counsel and assistance 24/7. At your Matthews, NC subscription medical practice, doctors on call are an excellent way to receive treatment for conditions requiring frequent or immediate care, and also to have top-notch standard medical care. What does a doctor on call do? A doctor on call can provide both urgent care and standard care. The doctors at your Matthews, NC subscription-based practice are trained in all standard medical services, including vaccinations, physicals, exams, lab work, diagnoses, treatments, and more. They can also provide urgent care for broken bones, burns, cuts, and other minor to moderate injuries. Many kinds of conditions require frequent or unexpected care, for which a 24/7 doctor is incredibly helpful. Although a subscription based medical practice costs more than a standard primary care clinic, bear in mind that you are paying for individualized care whenever you need it. Additional benefits of a concierge style medical practice Beyond doctors on call, there are many more benefits to enrolling in a concierge medical practice.

Doctor on call Information On Primary Care In Germantown, Md And Montgomery County Posted By: Helen Phillips Cockrell Primary care is the standard medical care that you are advised to receive from childhood through your adult years. It includes standard and annual tests, evaluations, vaccinations, and consultations, as well as ad hoc care for any injuries, sicknesses, and conditions. Excellent primary care providers are located at your Germantown, MD primary care clinic, serving patients across Montgomery County and beyond. Primary Care Services Primary care includes tests and exams, treatments and diagnoses, and vaccinations. There are many kinds of physicals offered at your local primary care clinic, including the standard annual physical, sports physical, pre-college physical, DoT physical, and immigration physical. The sports physical is required by most middle schools and high schools each year before students can participate in a sports season, insuring they are safe to play, and have no conditions that are dangerous for their respective sport. The pre-college physical is required by most colleges and universities before students can attend campus, helping to ensure the health of everyone. The DoT physical is required every two years for employees of the Department of Transportation, and the immigration physical is required of incoming immigrants. Another patient service is vaccinations.

primary care provider Standard And Travel Vaccinations In Germantown, Md And Montgomery County Posted By: Helen Phillips Cockrell Vaccinations help keep you healthy by protecting you against potentially life-threatening viruses. Vaccinations are administered on different schedules, from once annually to once in a lifetime with booster shots. All of the standard vaccinations you will need are available at your Germantown, MD primary care clinic, as well as travel vaccinations, tests, allergy shots, and many other health services. Types of Vaccinations Standard vaccinations include the flu vaccine, which is given every year since the strain changes annually. They also include measles, rubella, mumps, typhoid, varicella, diphtheria, pertussis, Gardasil, also called HPV, and hepatitis A and B. Some of these shots are only administered once in a lifetime, with booster shots every ten years, while others, like HPV, are given as a series of three shots space out over the course of several months. Non-standard vaccinations include those for yellow fever, which is recommended before travel to Africa or South America. This and other travel related vaccinations are highly recommended when traveling to parts of the world, especially developing or disease-ravaged countries. It is advised that you visit the clinic 6 weeks or earlier before your trip, and no later than 2 weeks prior.

Hep B Tetanus allergy shots vaccinations Family Doctors At Your Subscription Medical Practice In Matthews, Nc Posted By: Shirley G. Dudley A family doctor, also called a general practitioner, is a doctor trained to provide medical services to patients of any age or gender. It is advised that you see your family doctor once per year for standard physicals, evaluations, and vaccinations, as well as to treat any one-off injuries or diagnoses. Your Matthews, NC subscription medical practice has family doctors and an array of concierge medical services. What Does a Family Doctor Do? In general, family doctors administer vaccinations, conduct physicals, and provide other treatments and diagnoses as necessary. The normal vaccinations are offered, in addition to less common and travel-related vaccinations, like rabies, encephalitis, meningitis, yellow fever for travel to Africa and South America, and more. Standard physicals include vaccinations, plus checking your vital signs, which includes the functioning of the eyes, ears, throat, joints, thyroid gland, abdomen, height, weight, reflexes, blood pressure, and, for older patients, heart and lung health. Female patients may also have exams related to reproductive health and family planning. Other elements of family practice include counseling, lab work, like for pregnancy, HIV, and other STDs, and nutritional guidance.

Family doctors Botox For Migraines, Excessive Sweating, And Wrinkles Posted By: Shirley G. Dudley Botox injections can be administered to help combat migraines, excessive sweating, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. Your Matthews, NC-based concierge medical practice specializes in Botox injections, and can advise you on its many uses. Botox is the only preventative treatment for migraines that has been FDA-approved. Candidates must be adults who experience 15 or more headache days per month, in which each lasts for at least 4 hours. Your doctor can inject Botox every 12 weeks to prevent up to 9 headache days per month. Botox injections are an FDA-approved way to combat excessive sweating, also called hyperhidrosis. Your doctor can inject Botox into several areas in your underarms with little pain or discomfort. Some studies indicate that treatment is also effective in other parts of the body, for example, in the hands and feet, and for post-menopausal woman who experience excessive sweat on the head. Botox works by temporarily blocking the chemical that stimulates the sweat glands. Most patients see results 4 to 5 days after treatment, and they last for 4 to 6 months, sometimes longer. Patients can be retreated as soon as excessive sweating begins again.

BOTOX injections Primary Care Doctors And Services In Germantown, Md And Montgomery County Posted By: Helen Phillips Cockrell Primary care includes medical examinations, internal medicine, treatments, diagnoses, and other health services. Patients in Germantown, MD, Montgomery County, and the surrounding areas can visit their local primary care clinic for these important services. Physicals Your primary care clinic offers a number of physical examinations to suit your needs and lifestyle, including the annual, sports, pre-college, DoT, and immigration physical. The annual physical is open to all individuals, with some variations based on age and gender. In general, the annual physical involves checking the nose, eyes, ears, throat, thyroid glands, heart, lungs, abdomen, skin, joints, neck, blood pressure, height, and weight. Women may also have a breast and pelvic exam, and individuals over 40 years old my have exams for heart health. Lastly, there is a health questionnaire, which includes your use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, and illnesses, familial medical history, nutrition, and exercise habits. The sports physical is for children and teens involved in school sports that require proof of ability to play safely. The pre-college physical is a requirement of most colleges and universities before students can attend campus. The DoT physical is required of all Department of Transportation employees.

medical Primary care Annual Physical Exams In Germantown, Md And Montgomery County Posted By: Helen Phillips Cockrell Annual physical exams are a vital component of healthy living, especially as you age, which is when health issues or concerns with your body’s primary functions are more likely to occur. You should have a comprehensive physical exam performed every year, though some insurance coverage allows it biennially. Patients in Germantown, MD and Montgomery County, as well as the surrounding area can go to their local primary care clinic for this important exam, as well as many other medical services. Exam The annual physical entails an exam and vaccinations. During the exam, your doctor will check your vital signs and organs, as well as your joints and glands. For women, the breasts and pelvis may also be examined, as there may be indicators of tumors or infection. Your doctor will also measure you blood pressure, height, and weight. Adults 40 years old and older may have cardiac evaluations, including EKGs, ECHO cardiograms, and stress tests. Questionnaire Your doctor may also ask you about your lifestyle and medical history, or have you complete a questionnaire.

Annual physical College Physical Exams In Germantown, Md And Montgomery County Posted By: Helen Phillips Cockrell College physical exams are required by most colleges and universities, so it is a good idea to get yours scheduled early. The exam is an opportunity to check the status of your health, learn how to maintain your healthiness, and make a plan for what to do if problems arise. Residents near Germantown, MD and Montgomery County can go to their local primary care clinic for this and many other exams. Health History Before the exam, your physician will ask you about your health history. This could be through a questionnaire or direct questions. Questions may be about your eating habits, use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, sexual activity, or any violence or abuse you have experienced. Although honesty is important in answering these questions, you can decline to answer or ask for clarification. Immunizations Bring a copy of your past immunizations to the clinic. If you have had all of your childhood vaccinations, you may not need any more during this physical. Typically, the flu shot is administered annually, as the strain differs each year, and the tetanus-diphtheria booster is given every 10 years.
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Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne Annual Physical Exams In Germantown, Md And Montgomery County Posted By: Helen Phillips Cockrell Annual physicals are important at any age, but particularly as you become older, which is when health concerns begin, and the body’s functions become weaker. Depending on your insurance coverage, a comprehensive physical can be done either yearly or biennially. Individuals in the Germantown, MD and Montgomery County areas can visit their local quality clinic to perform this exam. Immunizations If it is your first time visiting a doctor’s office or clinic, make sure to bring a copy of your past immunizations so that staff know which shots you may or may not be missing. Typically, vaccinations offered include: yellow fever, hepatitis A and B, HPV, diphtheria, varicella, typhoid, tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella, meningitis, and pertussis. TB testing, flu and travel vaccinations, and allergy shots are also available. While a flu vaccine should be administered every year, many immunizations can be done once, with boosters done every 10 years. The Exam Itself During the comprehensive annual exam, a clinic staff member will check your: nose, eyes, ears, skin, throat, joints, muscles, lungs, heart, abdomen, neck and thyroid glands, breasts, and, for women, possibly also the pelvis.

Annual physical Primary Care In Germantown, Md And Montgomery County Posted By: Helen Phillips Cockrell Primary care, as the name would suggest, is the core service offered at your local primary care clinic. Typically, primary care services include overall exams, diagnoses, and treatments. Individuals in the Germantown, MD and Montgomery County areas can visit their local quality clinic for primary care services. Specific Evaluations The specific evaluations offered as part of primary care include diagnosis and care of long-term health conditions, treatments for STDs, prostate exams, breast exams, Pap smears, pregnancy tests, family planning, testing and treatment for skin disorders, lung health (Pulmonary Function Tests), heart health (ECHO, stress tests, and EKGs), and wellness exams. Primary care involves an annual physical, during which a clinic staff member will check your: nose, eyes, ears, skin, throat, joints, muscles, lungs, heart, abdomen, neck and thyroid glands, breasts, and, for women, possibly also the pelvis. Lab tests may be required, which could include tests for: STDs, tuberculosis, thyroid problems, anemia, and cholesterol. Your blood pressure, weight, and height will also be measured, and you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire.

medical Primary care College Physical Exams In Germantown, Md And Montgomery County Posted By: Helen Phillips Cockrell College physical exams are required of students prior to enrolling in college or university. Most schools require one, and it is good practice to check up on your health at this time regardless. The exam gives you a clear view into your current health status, and also helps you create a plan to maintain good health during school, while managing any issues that are uncovered. Pre-college students in the Germantown, MD and Montgomery County areas can visit their local quality clinic if they do not have a primary care physician to perform this exam, or are pressed for time. Immunizations Bring a copy of your past immunizations to the clinic, in order to ensure an accurate record. This includes all of the shots you have received, so that clinic staff can determine which ones you may be missing. Typically, colleges require you to be vaccinated against: Hepatitis B, diphtheria, tetanus, chickenpox, mumps, German measles (rubella), polio, and measles. If you had complete vaccinations as a child, you will probably not need additional vaccinations as an adult. However, the flu shot is annual, and tetanus-diphtheria booster shots should be administered every 10 years.
College physical exam Hiring Housecleaning Services For The End Of Summer Posted By: Shirley X. Dudley This is the perfect time to hire housecleaning services as you attempt to enjoy the end of summer vacation and get ready for the hectic school year. Believe it or not, the lazy and leisure days of summer are coming to an end. For a while, the return to our regular routine seemed so far away. Because Late August and early September can be the busiest and most hectic time of year. In a very short period of time, you need to get school supplies, buy clothing, schedule sports physicals and annual school physicals, plan Labor Day weekend activities, and schedule day care; which also means taking the toddler to get booster shots and vaccinations. It is okay to admit that the last thing on your list of priorities is taking a few days to get the entire house cleaned and organized for the busy routine ahead. It is also okay to admit that you are feeling overwhelmed by this plethora of tasks and the need to make your home clean and organized. Every year, many of us will struggle along, never considering the option of hiring a housecleaning service.
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