Very unique today delete files test the new incoming overbearing billing haywire

"Very unique" today delete files test the new incoming billing overbearing million people even cut the feudal lords vying for the throne! 3D Chang Mobile Games "very unique" matchless action today 11 delete files start charging test. The deleted file test by the amount of prepaid billing game player in the game will be three times the beta of the return, I think is not made? The new version of the "unique" high handed strikes, not only a lot more wonderful log collar finish welfare. The title, a strong on-line ranking system in this new version, "very unique" new title system, game player can according to their VIP level, power level, ranking, ranking tournament arena has received the honorary title, the title can not only make wearable display buddies to see in the city and marine interface, but also can enhance the properties for the team. After the list is optimized for game player power rankings, legion, will star power rankings list, through level schedule list, ranking, ranking tournament arena. So many charts do not know who will be on the list? Game player can worship of the game player power rankings top game player, you can get a reward. Of course, if not convinced I can also to enhance the combat capability of the strong function of guidance. The Legion of Boss group in a copy of the open test, game player who may have experienced by the administrator of the Legion the enemy approached the walls, open the group kill reward more destiny and coins, and this one is "very unique" increase Legion boss, each Legion member can attack in the boss group, can get a single battle reward every time the end of combat. Boss is injured or killed, the Legion can get progress or kill reward, reward by the military commander assigned. Players can also see the Legion ranking by the Legion to join the Legion can also set up their own legion, led the small partners dominate the world. 13 generals under control of the new version of 6 new generals, are three star with a great reputation. Zhao Yun, Xu Huang, Xiahou Chun, Zhang Liao, Zhou Yu, angle, three famous in your control. Game player could collect the debris for generals generals rising star, increase the grade on the battlefield will have better performance. Each will bring a passive skills, passive skills will affect: crit rate, blood sucking, energy accumulation rate, the value of life, damage, speed and so on, and according to the gender, nationality, military attack types, there is a mutual restraint, to choose war generals, Paibingbuzhen watch game player strategy. The mighty river flows eastward. waves are truly great men through the ages. Three times, the hero of the same screen PK, to "very unique" challenge even cut the limits of your feelings, gun sight of blood, knife meat into a fun experience.  相关的主题文章: