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Wade reiterated that may not consider other teams offer Wade hope in Miami retired sina sports news Beijing standard time on February 11th in Miami. This summer, according to the "Miami sentinel" reported that the Miami team spirit Dwayne Wade has revealed that he hopes in this summer’s free agent market fast and Miami to complete his contract, and he will not take the initiative to seek other teams quote. Last offseason, Wade and the Miami’s contract negotiations were deadlocked, the two sides finally reached a $20 million contract for 1 years. This summer, Wade, 34, will become a free agent again. Obviously, Wade didn’t want to leave Miami. "The whole free agent market, I don’t want things to happen again last summer. I don’t want to do this again this summer." "I don’t want to test the free agent market," Wade said in an interview. I’m not curious about it. I hope to reach an agreement with the heat. I want to sign my contract earlier so that I don’t have to deal with any gossip. I want to end my career here. So we’re going to find a solution." Since entering the NBA in 2003, Wade has been playing for Miami, and he has won 3 NBA Championships for miami. During the period, Wade made many sacrifices, his loyalty to the heat is obvious. (Rosen)

韦德重申愿在热火终老 今夏不考虑其他队报价 韦德希望在热火退役   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月11日,据《迈阿密哨兵报》报道,热火队魂德维恩-韦德明确表示他希望在今夏的自由球员市场上快速与热火完成续约,而且他届时不会主动寻求其它球队的报价。   去年休赛期,韦德与热火队的合同谈判一度陷入僵局,最终双方达成了一份1年2000万美元的合同。今年夏天,34岁的韦德将再次成为自由球员。   很显然,韦德并不希望离开迈阿密。   “整个自由球员市场的事情,我不希望去年夏天的事情再次发生。我不希望今年夏天再这样。”韦德在接受采访时说道,“我根本不希望试水自由球员市场。我对它一点都不好奇。我希望和热火达成协议。我希望早点签下我的合同,这样我不用再应对任何流言蜚语。我希望在这里结束我的职业生涯。所以我们将找到解决的办法。”   自从2003年进入NBA以来,韦德一直都为热火队效力,而且为热火队赢得3个NBA总冠军。期间,韦德多次做出牺牲,他对热火队的忠心是显而易见的。   (罗森)相关的主题文章: