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Real-Estate Wadhwa Anantya is wonderful concept of The Wadhwa Group in the city which provides beautiful home options within the budget. It is a planning to develop specious township on the corner of Eastern Express Highway and the development come up with more than 22 residential buildings which get panoramic views of Eastern Express Highway and greenness of open areas along with beautiful mountains. Each and every minute aspect of the project has been given special care such that not even a single corner is left untouched. The prime importance of this project is that it is known to get enveloped into the blankety of the beautiful greenness that seems to be swinging into the arms of the Nature. The beautiful gated community of the project greets you with the bowing head as soon as you step in. You get highly mesmerized with the stunning beauty of the whole campus where you find numerous amenities spread throughout. The project has been constructed leaving maximum of the open spaces thus ensuring that you breathe in the complete fresh and open air. Wadhwa Anantya is sprawling within 40 acres of land near to the mountain and green area of Chembur locality, here the Wadhwa Group has planned to develop tallest buildings along with many bungalow units. The Wadhwa Group has always done their construction work in western Mumbai, central Mumbai and Thane, but this time Wadhwa Anantya is a special concept which will give excellent dwelling along with very good connectivity with Eastern Express Highway and all major roads in the locality. It is traffic free locality where the project is nestled and the locality is known as Chembur. Wadhwa Anantya is located near to popular landmark of Chembur called R K studio where property rates are higher. The project is constructed in such a way that you can get an ease on connectivity to all your major destinations in and around the city with the excellent transit system. Within the close proximity of the project lies the highly reputed schools as well as colleges, renowned hospitals shopping arcades, malls and multiplexes and lots more. Chembur is popular place in Mumbai and it is known for its good infrastructures, open areas and there are many things which enhance the value of this locality. At Chembur are the Brihan Mumbai Mahanagar Palica has planned the concept of MONO RAIL which as increased the value of this locality and Wadhwa Anatya neslted near to one of the railway sation of MONO RAIL. Wahdwa Anantya provides more than 2000 luxury apartments apart from bungalows in the township. The apartments include 2 BHK, 2.5 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK configuration in different seizes. Each apartments are designed according to the vastu shastra and it ensure that apartment will get perfect sun light from the balconies at morning, afternoon and evening. There are very options of 2 BHK apartment because this is the only configuration which gets sold quickly. It is the only home which comes easily in the budget of home buyers and whenever it comes in resale market it can be sale easily . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: