Waist star people come and learn to attack Liu Tao’s dress collection! (video) cosmax

Waist star people come and learn to attack Liu Tao’s dress collection! The article reprinted from the media public number: pick mobile division Lindy (ID:TKS878) 2016 bazaar Charity Night, half of the entertainment star qingchaoerchu, have attended. Do not know the love of the bean sprouts also participated in it? Anyway, we also follow a full 64. As a younger sister, Xiao Bian also noted Liu Tao! Liu Tao wore a Louis Vuitton dress in the 2016 winter series to know Wuli Taotao although relatively thin, but not the kind of curvy supermodel, the waist is not the female star in fine, but usually see what offensive dress, do not see a thick waist dress little secret can rely on the body to solve in fact, small defects are not defects, perfect body all over the world can not find out the two, some people are all not fat, but no waist, in addition to fitness. Today we teach the outfit tricks will make you look is the envy of all our! Waist thick waist thin waist belt belt in the waist belt! In fact, the waist is very suitable for people with a belt, the middle of the human body is modified to cover the thick waist. Wuli Taotao would understand this, you can see many of her other belts are. Waist people tend to have a little belly, there will be some meat so the waist, belt but also pay attention to the following points: 1 a belt is the most fine position of the belt where you can decide how to look thin. So, the belt should be tied to the smallest part of your waist! Jiang Xin: I’m the extra baggage sector female nerve is most suitable for the costumes of the Tang Dynasty相关的主题文章: