Wang Jinchuan retail data did not cause panic continued to shock the dollar

Wang Jinchuan: the retail data do not panic the dollar continues to shock US retail sales data released Thursday evening released monthly rate value is -0.3%, the expected value of a -0.1% value of 0%, the data from the April hit a new high for the year basically in decline, also released in 9 The Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing index was 12.8, far higher than the the expected 1 and the previous value of 2, the data record highs for the year, it also eased the retail data leads to the bad, before or after the rise of the dollar index yesterday evening, overall yesterday evening data did not lead to market panic, the market did not have any sound judgment on the Fed interest rate week, the closer the Fed interest rate market performance is more dull time. This evening will also publish the data of CPI and the University of Michigan consumer confidence index, or to focus on the data brought short-term fluctuations in the CPI data, once the market volatility may decline, this evening will exceed last night market data. The analysis chart of $1 from the technical index: the daily chart in triangle finishing shut down after the rapid pace of regional, K-line slowly rebound trend line pressure adjustment, rebound in slow, once fell below the 95 mark has broken down trend line, to the 94 party under the operation, of course the next week with the interest rate conversely, may also appear before or after the rise, it is a continuation of this period by the end of last year’s trend, continued speculation of interest rate expectations. But in the short term, the possibility of the dollar index test below the trend line is relatively large. Figure 2: the dollar will be $varieties has emphasized the benchmark, from the daily chart trend go is very regular, whether the number or combination of symmetry principle K K line after May this year has been repeatedly verified in 1.3, is at the bottom of the neckline Canada, since September 7th 1.2830 rebound to near above 1.3200 run 7 K-line rebound, arrived yesterday early high point regional adjustments, in accordance with the normal K-line form this position need to adjust the 2-3 K-line, after testing support to continue to start the bull market, the 1 hour chart is 28 and 55 average starting prices, the average in the top form adhesive pressing, this round of rising also the average end, yesterday evening 1.3200 near empty one can continue to hold, can create empty days in the vicinity of 1.3160, breaking 1.3200 stop to leave, target 1 .3120 to run near the 1.3060 powei. The euro against the dollar: the recent trend of the euro is a variety of the most law-abiding the most stable, for more than 1 weeks to maintain the shock in the interval of 100 points, the daily chart in the top 1.1200 continuous shocks, 1 hours low in elevation, below the average adhesion surface support, the market is waiting for a chance 1.1200 above, the establishment of more than a single can wait to break open 1.1300 short-term gains, once fell below 1.1190 will need to stop to leave, the interval may be required to be carried out next Thursday, before finishing the longer there will be greater volatility next week. .相关的主题文章: