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We report | Rong Xiamen food second Sohu and Rong in Xiamen Wanda third report in Xiamen, is a well-known feast case subsidiary brand, the main traditional Xiamen cuisine, Xiamen cuisine is known as the second, the advertisement is also good, at first curious who is at the same time, we also remember this second shop. The shop decoration fashion with a retro, old tile floor, with the dining area of Xiamen old city alley name division, exquisite furnishings, is a kind of nostalgic feeling, the atmosphere of the restaurant environment. Fresh fruits and vegetables Vegetable Salad, freshness, color taste and refreshing, a riot of colours, especially with the great sauce, a pot of light up imperceptibly. In shrimp tofu, tofu, white and delicate, blowing shells can be broken, there are a lot of salty fresh shrimp and fresh coriander, topped with sauce, a cold dish is very refreshing appetizer. Xiamen bamboo frozen soil, this is the southern snacks, Aochu into frozen soil colloid shoots, dipped with mustard sauce, tender and elastic Q, Xiamen people love most. Thai sauce? Tubules, tubules cut into circles, with Thai cooking seasoning, taste flexibility elastic teeth, hot and sour taste with fragrance, a Southeast Asian style. Can Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil soup, fish large thick, delicate taste tight, taste spicy and delicious, there are a lot of delicious dishes, soup is good to drink. Gai Lan Angus beef, beef satay? Cook tasty dishes, tight and flexible, Gai Lan, onions and other delicious dishes, the flesh of light. Soy? Spring buds, bamboo shoots cut into thin strips, taste is very delicate, although it is autumn, but the feel is the fragrance of spring, cooking is very tasty, fresh and not light a dish. Handmade noodles, a bowl of noodles along the line, smooth Q play the delicious soup, popular. Finally, Xiamen is the snack, Xiamen fried oyster cake and cake, a piece of entrance, my mind suddenly emerge in childhood memories……相关的主题文章: