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Weekend reading, children need most is not the truth, but love the wind alone | Sohu maternal children suddenly said a stomach ache. I went to see a refrigerator, ten columns of ice is her one day eat seven. She looked at me to open the refrigerator to check, blame me and said: "Mom, who told you to call me to eat so much popsicle?" I am angry and funny, how can I allow her to eat seven popsicle a day? Want to refute, but also feel meaningless quarrel, simply shut up. And I don’t want to be a bit of a pre emptive smart. I think it might be better to take her out. The rain then went to the library to read a book for a while, until dinner time, take her to eat shrimp. The remaining 4 only shrimp eaten, throw a pity, pack it to a packing box, as it is not worth to spend the money. I put the shrimp to the children’s bread bag, there are a few pieces of bread just bought. I do not know why, in the first to put shrimp, fried the child suddenly. She shouted: "can not be put together!" Shrimp with bread together, is poisoning or what? I was not happy, in front of the unhappy are saved, I stubbornly continue to put second. I understand that raise a hue and cry in her, she felt her bread, shrimp is me, not. I calmly put all the shrimp inside, while telling her lightly: "all my. All my money to buy." This can be stirred up a hornet’s nest. She jumped up crying in public. I don’t care she heard, I carefully described my truth: "you made a mistake today, quietly eating so much popsicle, is not willing to take responsibility; but my money is not the flood coming, I think there is no need to spend money to buy a piece of packing box." I thought that even if she heard it in the scream, she wouldn’t think. But I just want her to know the truth. In order to punish her, I did not comfort, directly from the body to pay. Because of her love to eat the shrimp, I also slowly to do a membership card, fill in the form in the process of my eardrums will soon be broken out with her. The waiter can’t see, take the cookie to coax her, hold her to me. She’s got a step, and the cry is fading. I didn’t force her to ask, "are you wrong?" Just silently carried her on the body, credit card, write invoice header. She buried her face in my neck, I feel warm do not know her nose or tears, to my neck flow. A bit softhearted, some regret, feel tired, feel like falling in love, a kind of unspeakable pleasure, more of a strangely relieved, I seem to win. I’m not a mom. In short, she has not cried, the rest of the matter and then slowly resolved. On the way back, it rained heavily. I hit the umbrella to her side, I have to be more than a little rain, hit me on the side of it, she can not keep up with me, I have to shower. Child care experts say things can not be a child centered, so that she will feel the world around her turn; and experts say, children相关的主题文章: