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Weinan "brush" break the normal procedure in more than 70 state cadres Washington (reporter Chen Shengqiang) regardless of whether the competent cadres in the impression of people, unless there is a serious violation of law or discipline, duty is generally not decreased. From the beginning of this year, Weinan has resolutely implement the "three break the normal procedure, mechanism", "brush" has more than 70 employees in the state cadres, cadres of demotion, removal and other measures has become a new norm and hard rules. Promotion of cadres, difficulties in "". In combination, the regulations and practice of Weinan Province, the introduction of the measures for the implementation of Party and government leading cadres, the annual assessment of the annual target responsibility assessment and leading cadres on the basis of the comprehensive use of poverty alleviation, the county’s economic and social development evaluation, performance evaluation and monitoring of ecological environment, safety, stability, comprehensive management of Party building assessment the proposed removal (retired) adjustment, outgoing and term of office expires, the adjustment of organization adjustment, not suitable for the current position adjustment, resignation and dismissal adjustment, adjustment, not the normal performance of their duties of illegal dismissal of 7 can adjust the channel and the 24 kinds of situations, so that the cadres from the fine, strictly from the field air plant. It is understood that the Weinan "brush" more than 70 in the state of the municipal level cadres, older age, passion and aggressive 17 decline, energy and health reasons, not the normal performance of their duties 4. County level accountability adjustment 6, unfit for serving 21, resignation and dismissal of 3, unable to adjust the normal performance of their duties in 13, discipline adjustment 7. In addition, the city is also due to the removal of age, the term expires, the more than 100 cadres. On the "down" of the cadres, especially in state cadres, Weinan will not enter the "limbo", it points out problems in time, knots untied thought, to enhance the quality of training, pay attention to enhance the ability to adapt to the new requirements of cadres, courage, sense of shame after spare no effort to catch up after the inspection, the evaluation can be. To enable or reuse. The body can not be the reason for hard work, people voluntarily withdraw from the leadership post, Weinan County, through the area assigned to the village as "first secretary", to the enterprise as party building instructor and other forms, promoting it play a greater role. In the "next" at the same time, more than 300 cadres promoted in Weinan this year will also work hard, firm belief, accepted by the masses, the outstanding performance.相关的主题文章: