What is the original dish Unexpectedly attracted Wuhan red competing to taste – Sohu eat and drink tianbi

What is the original dish? Wuhan red net even attracted to come to taste and eat the small blue whale – Sohu original health food friends all know, the best prescription diet is to eat our food and nature, small blue whale flavor dishes, to maximize the retention of natural flavor, healthy, delicious, just let you go, eat healthy eat healthy! Original taste of the local food selection of the most local food to the origin of the investigation, from the source to open the original flavor dishes! Using less oil, less salt and less sugar to cook – to maximize the maintenance of raw materials nutrition and taste! The use of five and five kinds of adjusting principle — whether sour sweet bitter spicy and salty are just good! From each dish, to each table, by health experts to guide, hotel chef handmade, the selection of local soil most fresh ingredients, from nutrition, color, smell and taste of the dishes carefully collocation, bring your original ultimate enjoyment ~ let you really return to "eat" age! Eat nutritious and happy ~ eating order is also very particular, eat a vegetable dish. Have another bowl of lotus root pork ribs soup, lotus root starch, waxy sweet, soup is delicious. A green pepper peppers fried meat special fragrance. By 1000 fish cylinder block, by firing 1000 tasty, delicious fish, eat probiotics are good for health. As the saying goes: "tiger spring, winter tonic, is about to eat beef and mutton". Autumn and winter is coming, let us all want to hold a bowl of mutton, can resist cold, and can fill the body, the most suitable for winter consumption, it was known as the winter tonic, welcomed by the people. Winter tonic mutton can be said to be the most suitable for winter consumption of meat, mutton is warm food, winter eat mutton can improve body immunity, cold resistance. Fried lamb with fresh lamb chops with secret sauce pickled by pan fried with butter, finally, dipped in thick black pepper sauce, taste delicious mouth. Braised Lamb in Brown Sauce is also in winter often eat spicy, gouwei, rendering the carrot especially delicious. Mandarin fish rice, mandarin fish selected the Danjiangkou reservoir, fired flavor, Maotai rich, tender meat, to a bowl of mineral water, Wuchang rice now do Steamed Rice, poured a few tablespoons of fish sauce more delicious and more Supplement Qi spleen and stomach. After the beginning of winter crab special fat meat full cream sweet. Wuhan red net are scrambling to came to the small blue whale acrobatics shop ready to live. Broadcast time: place five points to seven points in November 10, 2016 afternoon: small blue whale acrobatics want to participate in a live interactive shop friends to watch. Hubei city of Wuhan province from the media, the public, WeChat [Wang] into the shop Sina micro-blog, micro-blog Tencent: Master Wang delicacy QQ:149480720 micro signal (phone): 13986193191相关的主题文章: